EU to Investigate X Over Lack of Disinformation Censorship

The European Union (EU) is investigating Elon Musk’s social networking platform X. The investigation is a result of Musk’s purchase of the platform in the past year, and coincides the EU’s Digital Services Act which was implemented this summer.

Tuesday, Thierry Breton announced that X was being investigated by the EU’s European Commission for Internal Market, a non-elected bureaucrat. Breton, an unelected bureaucrat from the EU’s European Commissioner for Internal Market, announced on Tuesday that he was investigating X.

Breton tweeted “Today, we open formal infringement procedures against X.”

Breton cites that an investigation is warranted to demolish the only social media platform open to all users due to “suspected breaches of obligations to combat [Illegal Content] [and] [Disinformation],” “suspected breaches of [Transparency] obligation,” and “suspected [Deceptive User Interface]”.


Breton’s announcement could lead to censorship, and change the American values, following a Federal Court ruling that found in September the Biden Administration worked with social media firms to censor speech.

The filing stated that “a group of social media users and two state allege that federal officials forced social-media platforms to censor certain social-media contents, in violation of First Amendment.”

X should cooperate, according to the official Safety account.

“X” is a company that has stated it will comply with the Digital Services Act, and that they are cooperating in the regulatory process. This process must be free from political influence and follow the law. X is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for our users, while preserving freedom of speech. We will continue working tirelessly toward this goal.