Freed Israeli Hostage: Hamas Operated on Me Without Anesthetic

Former hostage Mia Shem says Hamas forced to undergo surgery by a vet without anesthetics after she was brought to Gaza during terror attack on October 7. She also claims that she was held in Palestinian civilian homes.

Breitbart reported in November that Shem, a dual French-Israeli citizen, was freed during a truce of seven days between Hamas & Israel. She was forced to first run through a crowd of Hamas fanatics while being filmed and then to claim that she had received a good treatment.

Shem appeared in the first Hamas hostage video, showing her being treated by a veterinarian for an arm wound that she received during the Hamas attack on the Supernova Music Festival in Israel.

Israel’s Channel 13 published excerpts from an interview with Shem on Thursday. Shem described her 54-day captivity in which she was wounded as a “holocaust”. She also said that the Palestinian civilians were deeply involved with Hamas.


The interview will air on Friday. Ma’ariv, the Israeli news website:

It was important to me that I reflect on the true situation of the people in Gaza. Who they are and what I experienced there. I lived through the Holocaust. Everyone there is a terrorism. Hamas has families. I began asking myself why I was in the house of a family, why there were children, and why there was a woman.

Shem describes her surgery as well:

“I felt like a wild animal in a zoo…I was choking on my tears.”

Mia Schem continues her account of the horrors that she endured as a Hamas hostage in Gaza.

When she was released, she said the other hostages that she had to leave behind told her “Mia please don’t forget us.”

We will not forget them and will fight until they return home.

After the murder of American-Israeli Judy Weinstein, there are believed to be 128 hostages in Gaza.

Breitbart news has reported that there are many accounts of Palestinians participating in Hamas terrorist activity.