Hezbollah fires 30 rockets at Israel in retaliation for reported hit on top officer

There were no injuries in the barrage of missiles that hit northern Israel during a day of increased tensions along the border after a drone strike on southern Lebanon, which was said to have targeted two terrorists.

Hezbollah launched a barrage from Lebanon of at least thirty rockets at northern Israel on Thursday night, just hours after an Israeli drone was reported to have targeted two Hezbollah members, including a top commander, in Nabatieh, a southern Lebanese city.

The drone attack was reported to be in response to an earlier Hezbollah rocket launch on a military base, which left three IDF troops wounded — including one seriously — during a day of cross-border attacks that kept tensions high at the border.

No immediate reports of injuries were reported by the rocket attack on the Upper Galilee city of Meron. Meron is located farther south than the majority of northern towns which have been affected by Hezbollah missile fire since October 8.

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Hezbollah forces have attacked Israeli communities and military positions along the border almost daily since October 8. This is a day after Hamas’ terror group, Hamas, carried out its October 7 attack, which killed 1,200 people in southern Israel and kidnapped 253 others. Hezbollah claims its attacks are in support of Gaza during the war Hamas started.

Hezbollah stated in a press release that the rocket attacks targeted an IDF Base in Ein Zeitim in response to the “Zionist aggression” earlier.

According to the military, IDF artillery fired at the launch sites of the rockets.

On Thursday, Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar, commander of the Israeli Air Force warned Hezbollah about Israel’s readiness to intensify its attacks against this terror group.

“Hezbollah continues to pay through the loss of their systems.” “Dozens of aircraft now operate in southern Lebanon’s skies, and once the order is given they will multiply into hundreds, which will carry out the missions within minutes after being scrambled,” said Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar at an IAF internal conference.

Tens of thousands have been displaced from the border communities of northern Israel by the fighting.

Israeli officials have threatened to wage war on Lebanon after the campaign to eliminate Hamas from Gaza. The goal is to drive Hezbollah out of the border, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution No. 1701 that ended the Second Lebanon War (2006).

The army announced earlier Thursday that the 36th Division was withdrawn from Gaza and immediately deployed to “deepen its operational readiness against the northern enemy,” a likely reference to Hezbollah.

Israel said that it would not tolerate Hezbollah near its border where the group could carry out a deadly attack against civilians, similar to Hamas’s onslaught on October 7.

Israel has warned more and more that it will act if Hezbollah is not pushed away from its border by diplomatic means.

Lebanese officials stated that due to concerns about a new war between Israel and Hezbollah they have increased their efforts to restore peace to the volatile Lebanon Israel border, in parallel to ongoing negotiations on a hostage agreement and corresponding truce in Gaza.