Mexican police find 45 bags of human remains in search for missing call centre workers

Police discovered 45 bags of human bones while searching for missing call center workers.

Mexican officials discovered the gruesome discovery on Tuesday, June 1, in Mirador del Bosque in the suburbs surrounding the western city of Guadalajara.

The Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office said that it was still unclear whether the remains were those of the missing young workers and declared that they are still being searched for.

The office also added that remains from male and female victims were found.

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During their search, the police were able to gather information that led them to an area of 40 metres ravine in which they found several bags “with anatomical segment”.

The statement read: “The Mirador Escondido neighborhood began working yesterday afternoon after a black bag containing human remains was discovered.

The procedure will continue as long as the bags cannot be located and removed.

The police and Zapopan’s civil protection force and firefighters worked together to remove the bags containing evidence.

The prosecution also added that forensic personnel was present to identify and count the victims.

In Mexico, disappearances are not uncommon, particularly in cities with a high level of drug cartel activity. One such city is Guadalajara, which is considered to be a stronghold for the Jalisco Nueva Generacion.

The Interior Ministry reported in May of last year that over 100,000 people were missing.

Since 2006, violence in Mexico has spiraled out of control. More than 350,000 people have died.