Putin pal threatens Armageddon nuclear attack on DC and London if Russia has to give back any Ukraine territory

Reports say that a close ally to Vladimir Putin warned on Sunday that Russia would launch Armageddon and nuke cities like Washington and London, if Moscow was forced to return the Ukrainian territory it had taken over.

Dmitry Medvedev is a former Russian President and Prime Minister and deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council. He has threatened the US and allies that they will pay the ultimate cost if Russia retreats.

“Attempts to restore Russia’s 1991 borders will only lead to one thing – a global conflict with Western countries, with our entire strategic (nuclear), arsenal used against Kyiv and other Western cities like Berlin, London and Washington. Medvedev also wrote that he would be targeting all the other historic sites which have been on the list of targets for our nuclear triad.

Putin’s ally has issued similar threats before, but critics claim they were a bluff to get concessions from the West regarding Russia’s conflict with Ukraine.


Since their invasion, Kremlin troops have annexed several Ukrainian areas that Putin claims is rightfully Russian – areas that Medvedev claimed would result in a “disintegration of Russia” if they returned.

Medvedev took to X in early this month to criticize NATO allies’ “dangerous babblings” about a possible wider war with Russia.

He wrote: “The response will not be symmetrical.” “To defend the territorial integrity of our country, we will use ballistic missiles and cruise missiles with special warheads. This is based on the military doctrine and is known by all. This is the Apocalypse. “The end of everything.”

His comments coincide with recent setbacks in the war between Ukraine and Russia, which invaded its US ally at the end of February 2022.

After a year-long battle, Ukrainian forces had to retreat from Avdiivka in the east of the country.

On Sunday, US Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii warned that Ukrainian soldiers were now forced to ration their ammunition. Republicans continue to oppose more funding to the country in siege.

Medvedev stated in January that Russia will always be at odds with Ukraine. He called the country “a cancerous neoplasm,” as reported by the Ukrainian news outlet Ukrainska Pravda.

Medvedev stated in May 2022 that the West supplying Ukraine with weapons would increase the “likelihood of a direct conflict between NATO Russia.”

He said on Sunday that it was better to return all the items before it is too late.

“Or, we can return it to the enemy ourselves and cause maximum damage.

He said, “Like Avdiivka.” “Our warriors have been heroes.”