Putin Responds To Islamic Terror Attack That Killed 133+ People

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised revenge for the Islamic terrorist attacks that took place in Moscow Friday night. Hundreds of people were killed or injured.

ISIS-K (Islamic State Khorasan Province) claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks that resulted in at least 133 deaths and more than 140 injuries. Victims were either shot or burned or inhaled black smoke.

Putin claimed that all four terrorists responsible for the attacks were arrested by Russian authorities. He also appeared to be trying to set the stage to blame Ukraine.

According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Putin said that the refugees were trying to flee and moving towards the Ukraine border. We have data which suggests that the Ukrainians were moving them towards Ukraine’s territory.


Putin didn’t directly blame Ukraine and he didn’t mention that the U.S. had issued a warning to the public two weeks earlier that terrorists planned on attacking large crowds, including concerts in Moscow. According to reports, the U.S. warned Russian officials directly about ISIS-K’s plot.

Theorists who are pro-Russia have claimed that this warning was proof that they were involved in the planning of the attacks. This is despite the fact that the U.S. alerts foreign governments, including its adversaries, of possible terrorist attacks.

Putin stated that the Russian government is focused on finding anyone who helped terrorists in any way, whether it was providing transportation, giving them weapons, etc.

He said that he compared terrorists with Nazis who killed Russians during World War II, and said everyone found guilty “will pay”.

He said, “We’ll identify anyone who is behind these terrorists. They will pay.” “These terrorists… they have only one future — revenge and oblivion.”

Putin urged the international community, to join Russia in combating international Islamic terrorism.