Rishi Sunak will become the next U.K. prime minister

After yet another candidate dropped out, Rishi Sunak won the race for the Conservative Party’s next leader. He will now be Britain’s next prime minster during a time of economic turmoil.

Sunak, a popular former chancellor to the exchequer during Boris Johnson’s premiership lost to Liz Truss earlier this summer in the race for his replacement.

He is a pragmatic and centrist politician and emerged as the safest pair of hands in the UK’s latest leadership contest after Liz Truss’s policy proposals on tax cuts and spending shaken the government’s credibility.

After a career in hedge funds and banking, Sunak was elected only as a member to Parliament in 2015. His meteoric rise to the post of finance minister in 2020 was a result of his election. He took unprecedented actions to support Britain’s economy in the aftermath of the pandemic. His programs included months-long programs to increase consumer spending and replace workers’ wages. Sunak will become the first British Asian prime minister.

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