Two killed in Jerusalem terror ramming, including 6-year-old boy; driver shot dead

Police and medics reported that a six-year old boy and a twenty-year-old man were both killed in an attack on a car-ramming terror plot near East Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood. At least five other victims were also injured. The brother of the six-year old victim was also among the wounded.

The scene was captured graphically by video footage that showed many people lying on the ground following the crash of a blue Mazda car into a bus stop, south of the Nebi Sam site. It is located between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Numerous bystanders were seen shooting guns at the car. According to police, the officer on the scene shot the driver.

Hussein Qaraqa (31), an Israeli citizen, was identified as the attacker. He is a resident of Issawiya in East Jerusalem. Eyewitnesses reported that he raced into the group of Israelis at the bus stop. According to a senior Israeli official, it is likely that he was mentally ill and was released from a northern Israel psychiatric hospital just days ago.


The incident was deemed a terrorist attack by police.

According to the Magen David Adom ambulance services, the boy was declared dead on the spot. His name was Yaakov Yaisrael Paley. In accordance with Jewish law, Paley was quickly buried Friday morning before Shabbat began.

Alter Shlomo Lederman (20-year-old yeshiva student) was the second victim. He had just got married two months earlier. His wife and he were on their way to Shabbat at his parents’ house. Lederman was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center, where he died from his injuries.

Paley, aged six years, had to be admitted to Shaare Zedek in critical condition. His brother, Paley, was eight years old. Their father, 42-year-old Paley, was moderately injured.

According to some reports, Lederman was shot and not rammed during the incident. A spokesperson for the police denied that Lederman had been shot and claimed that an officer checked the bodies and determined that the victims were not shots but had been hit by car-ramming.

Medical officials stated that two other victims were in serious condition in their 20s and one boy aged 10 years old in light condition.

They were transferred to Hadassah Mount Schopus and Shaare Zedek hospitals in the capital.

Police claimed that a large number forces were present at the scene and detained ten relatives of terrorist in Issawiya or A-Tur, including his siblings, parents, wife and landlord.

Qaraqa’s Facebook Page featured posts calling for attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers. Qaraqa wrote a post in August lauding the leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Ziad Nakhleh. Qaraqaa posted a post in December last year that remembered the victims of an IDF operation. Over the past year, Lions Den was responsible for many shooting attacks that went beyond the Green Line.

He also published posts glorifying the attacks and wrote “Glory To The Pure Souls” while referring specifically to the attackers.

The office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the premier was receiving updates on the attack and had decided seal the attacker’s home.

“On behalf all Israeli citizens, I offer my condolences for the families of the victims of the attack on Jerusalem. Netanyahu stated that he had conducted a security assessment. He ordered increased forces to arrest the terrorist and take immediate action to demolish his house.

Israel demolishes Palestinians who are accused of terror attacks. Sometimes, the goal of sealing attackers’ homes is to replace or temporarily stop them from being destroyed. As a temporary measure, police sealed the windows and doors of the home of a Palestinian terrorist, who had killed seven people in Jerusalem, last month.

President Isaac Herzog pointed out that the attack occurred just before Shabbat, the Jewish Day of Rest.

Herzog stated that the terrorist who took the lives of a small boy and a young man in Jerusalem in a brazen attack on Shabbat had left her heart in terrible pain.

He said, “Together with all of Israel’s people, I feel the pain and pray for healing for the wounded.”

Itamar Ben-Gvir, the National Security Minister, stated that he had given police orders to put up roadblocks around Issawiya where the terrorist was from, “as an deterrent.”

He said, “We must act with determination as well as aggression to protect our children.”

Ben Gvir of Otzma Yuhudit, a far-right party, stated that he wanted “to completely besiege” the area, but that there were legal issues. He also said that he continued to work on legislation that would call for the death penalty to terrorists.

Several angry bystanders shouted abuse at the minister after he made his remarks. One man said that the “biggest terror attacks” were under his watch, while others shouted at him. On Friday, seven Israelis were shot to death in a terrorist attack close to a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov neighbourhood.

In a subsequent statement, Ben Gvir asked police to prepare plans for Operation Defensive Shield 2 (East Jerusalem). This refers to the Israeli military operations in the West Bank during and after the Second Intifada of the 2000s.

His office stated that Ben Gvir had instructed the police to prepare and plan for Operation Defensive Shield 2 (East Jerusalem) which would begin Sunday. This was to deal with terror nests in East Jerusalem.

A senior official from the government was quoted by Hebrew media outlets as saying that “decisions of this scale are not made in statements of one minister or another on a street at the scene of an assault.”

According to the official, the prime minister will only make a decision on an operation after consulting with security personnel and having a proper discussion in the cabinet.

The attack was condemned by the Office of Palestinian Affairs at the US Embassy in Jerusalem. We urge the US Embassy in Jerusalem to take steps to stop further escalation. It tweeted that it would continue to work with Israeli and West Bank leaders to restore calm.

US Ambassador Tom Nides said, “Incredible sorrowful news that an egregious terrorist attack has claimed the lives of a small boy in Jerusalem and a young man today.” I offer my deepest condolences and prayers for the families of the victims.

Tor Wenessland, UN’s Mideast Envoy, tweeted that such horrific attacks and their glorificence were fueling an endless cycle bloodshed and should therefore be condemned by everyone. Leaders need to be responsible.”

He said, “I appeal to all parties to preserve the prospect of a political solution for the mounting security crises and refrain from unilateral actions which will further aggrave the situation on ground.”

The United Arab Emirates condoled and strongly condemned these crimi.