14 GOP Governors Sending National Guard Troops and Resources to Texas to Secure Southern Border

The Republican governors have sent National Guard troops along the border.

The Governors of Arkansas and Iowa, as well as the governors of North Dakota, Ohio and Oklahoma, South Carolina and South Dakota, Virginia and West Virginia, announced this week that they would send troops and other resources to Texas in order to support Gov. Greg Abbott. Greg Abbott and Operation Lone Star will secure the southern border.

Arkansas Governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday that President [Joe] Biden’s failure to secure our southern border places the entire nation at risk. Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke out on Thursday. “States now must step up and do what the president failed to do, in order to repel illegals and fight the cartels and stop human and drugs trafficking.”

Sanders will send 80 National Guard soldiers to the border by July. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has confirmed that he will send troops, but he did not specify how many. North Dakota Governor. Doug Burgum announced on Thursday that he would also send 100 National Guardsmen from Texas to Texas in order to secure the southern border. Gov. Mike DeWine has announced that he will be sending 14 State Highway troopers, supervisors and drivers to Texas for a period of two weeks. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has said that she will be deploying about 50 National Guard soldiers to the border in this summer.


Arkansas, North Dakota Ohio, Oklahoma and South Dakota have joined nine other Republican governors in pledging to send troops and resources into Texas to help secure its border with Mexico.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin said in a statement Wednesday that “the ongoing border crisis our nation faces has made every state a border state”. Glenn Youngkin made a statement on Wednesday.

Youngkin stated that Virginia would do its part in helping the State of Texas with its coordinated deployment of Virginia National Guard Soldiers to help them with key aspects of their missions.

Youngkin will send 100 troops from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and 21 support personnel to Texas.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice will send up to 50 National Guard troops or airmen to the border. This could last up to 30days. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has said he will send troops to the border, but has not yet announced how many.

McMaster stated in a Wednesday statement that “the safety and security” of South Carolinians requires us to stop drug cartels and criminals from entering the country and peddling their poison.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, the governor of Iowa, announced Tuesday that 100 National Guard troops as well as 30 Department of Public Safety employees will be sent to the border.

Operation Lone Star is Texas’ border security plan. The Republican governors have responded to Abbott’s call for other states to help Texas secure the border by joining Operation Lone Star.

On May 22, Abbott met with nine GOP governors in Austin, Texas to discuss the border crisis. The meeting took place about a week following Abbott’s letter asking fellow governors to help Texas secure its border.

The Texas Governor applauded Idaho, Florida and other states for sending border security personnel and resources to Texas to help secure the border. He invited other governors to join the mission to “defend our national sovereignty and our territorial integrity by sending all law enforcement personnel and available resources to the Texas Mexico border to serve along with our thousands of Texas National Guard troops and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers.”

Bill Lee, the Governor of Tennessee, announced that he will send 100 National Guard troops to the border and Nebraska Gov. Bill Lee has announced that he will be sending 100 National Guard troops along the border, and Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen has committed to sending 10 state troopers from Nebraska to Texas in order to “help prevent the illegal immigration at our Southern Border.”

Florida, Idaho and Mississippi were the first to respond to Abbott’s appeal for assistance.

On May 17, Mississippi Governor. Tate Reeves had announced that he would be mobilizing a National Guard to the border.

The 112th Military Police Battalion of the Mississippi National Guard has been mobilized to support Customs and Border Protection agents and officers along the Southwest Border.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the announcement of Reeves the day before. Ron DeSantis stated that Florida has “over 1,100 resources and assets available” for Operation Lone Star. This includes 800 National Guard soldiers, and 200 Florida Department of Law Enforcement Officers.

DeSantis stated that “under my direction, state agencies including the Florida National Guard and law enforcement are being deployed in Texas with assets such as personnel, boats and planes,” DeSantis added. Florida is ready to assist Texas in this crisis, while Biden ignores it.

Customs and Border Protection has reported encountering over 5.5 million illegal immigrants at the southern border since the Biden administration began. CBP reports that since the fiscal year 2023 started on October 1, it has encountered over 1.4 million illegal immigrants, which is about three times the number of illegal aliens encountered at the southern boundary during fiscal year 2010.

CBP has so far seized 17,000 pounds (more than triple) of fentanyl along the southern border in fiscal 2023. The fiscal year ends on September 30.