FBI raids home of major fundraiser for NYC Mayor Eric Adams

On Thursday, Mayor Eric Adams abruptly canceled a White House discussion on the crisis of asylum seekers after the FBI and NYPD conducted a series raids in New York, including his chief fundraiser’s home.

City Hall is keeping mum about the sudden departure of the mayor from Washington. But sources tell CBS New York that the change in attitude happened when the mayor heard about an international investigation into “foreign governments influence peddling.”

You’ve probably heard about the scandal involving my campaign staffer. Everyone knows me. I follow the rules. We will all comply with any investigation. We do that. Adams told reporters on Thursday that he had not received any contact from anyone involved in this matter. “I will continue to run this city as the best city on earth,” he said.

His campaign counsel stated that the mayor had not been contacted regarding the investigation and it was unclear how many members of Adams’ circle might be involved.

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In an early morning raid on Thursday in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, FBI agents were seen in plain clothes and in raid jackets carrying evidence boxes that had been taken from the residence of Brianna Suggs, the chief fundraiser for the mayor. Adams was prompted to cancel a White House discussion on the migrant issue and go home.

A City Hall spokesperson said, “The Mayor returned to New York City in order to address a particular matter.”

Two sources said that the Crown Heights raid is one of many locations visited by federal agents and cops as part of a global investigation into what they described as “foreign influence peddling.”

There was no clear indication of what the investigation involved or how many members of the Mayor’s circle were being investigated.

CBS New York reported that a high-level source said the federal investigation may include a foreign country – Turkey – which Adams visited prior to taking office.

The campaign counsel for the mayor said that “Mayor Adams was not contacted in this investigation.” He has always held his campaign to the highest standard.”

City Hall directed all calls to Suggs’ campaign office, as the first raid took place at his Crown Heights brownstone.

According to reports published, FBI agents from the public corruption squad of the agency questioned Suggs at the time of the raid. She hasn’t been charged with any crime, and the agents who saw her loading evidence boxes into a van didn’t know what they were.

Adams posted a message on social media from Washington, before he made the decision to return to New York.

Suggs was paid almost $100,000 in the last two years for his work on the campaign. Suggs also works as a lobbyist and fundraiser.

Fabian Levy, the Deputy Mayor, released a statement late Thursday afternoon. He said, “The Mayor heard about an issue related to his campaign and takes this seriously. So he wanted get back to New York quickly.” He will return to Washington to reschedule the meetings as soon he is able.

No arrests, charges or other actions have been taken. According to the lawyer for the mayor, Adams hasn’t been contacted.