Georgia Democrat Rep. Switches Parties: Democrats ‘Crucified Me’ and Abuse the Black Community

Georgia Democrat State Representative Announces Party Switching After Leftist Colleagues “Crucified” Her for Supporting School Choice. She added that the Democrat Party “got away with using and abuse the black community.”

Mesha Mainor of the Peach state’s District 56 announced Tuesday that she will officially switch her party registration to Republican after a tumultuous relation with her colleagues.

“…today, I decided to leave the Democrat Party. This was not a decision I made because I represent a district that is blue in Atlanta. In a post on social media, she stated that it was a moral decision.

She added, “I will never apologize for being black and having a mind that is my own.”


Mainor said that she was “crucified by my Democrat colleagues” for standing up in support of school choices and opposing efforts to defund the police. She claimed that she was always a politician who would “work across the table to deliver results to my community and to the people I am elected to represent.” However, her leftist peers did not support her.

She said “They abandoned” her, explaining that she had left the Democrat Party not because of a political decision, but out of moral conviction.

Mainor stated that the Democrat Party had abused and used the black community for far too long.

“For decades the Democrat Party received support from more than 90% of the black population. What can we show for all of this? I represent a district that is overwhelmingly blue in Atlanta. It’s not a decision I made based on politics. “It’s a matter of morality,” she added.

Mainor’s decision was long overdue. In a May video, she revealed that “the Democratic Party Establishment” is trying to get rid of her.

“I represent an overwhelmingly blue district with a high degree of diversity.” “I have never hesitated to vote in the best interests of the communities that I represent, over party politics,” said Ms. Sherry.

She said that this includes “school choices, parental rights, and opportunities for children who are marginalized or attend to fail at school,” in the video. She revealed that “Democrats in the Capitol took a tough position and demanded that every Democrat vote for the teachers’ union and against children.”

She said that she would not apologize to colleagues for not bowing to their demands.

She said that her community was happy that she stood up for it and held the system accountable. The Democrats, however, were not pleased with her because she didn’t do what they asked of “like a little girl.”

Every election year I hear “Black lives matter.” Do they? “I see that every other minority is being prioritized, except for black children who are poor and can’t read,” added she, criticizing Democrats for prioritizing immigrants over blacks.

But do they? I’m seeing that every other minority is being given priority, except for black children who are poor and can’t read. We will send a dollar million to the border to help immigrants. But what about black communities? Not even a shout out. Sorry, but I disagree. I won’t back down. “I’m just getting started,” added the woman.

Mainor said that it was “humbling” to be embraced by people who didn’t see anything wrong with a woman of color having her own mind and being willing to buck party lines. She also added that she wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats reacted negatively to her, saying, “The most danger thing for the Democrat Party would be a person of colour with a unique mind.”

She said, “It wouldn’t be surprising to me.”

Mainor also said that she would continue to focus her attention on the issues she cares about most — education and school choices — as well as working to “help us grow the Republican Party by helping us to not focus — just on preaching the choir but growing the congregation.”