GOP Censures ‘Blood on Your Hands’ Transgender Democrat Zooey Zephyr

Zooey Zephyr, a Montana transgender state representative, has been barred from the Montana state House by Republican legislators after he told GOP legislators that their child protection rules would result in “blood on your hand.”

Zephyr implied the threat as he vociferously opposed several draft laws designed to protect children and adults against the health and civic dangers of the transgender ideology, which is backed by elites and dismantles society. He said:

This body should feel ashamed… If you vote YES on this bill, and YES on these amendments, I hope that the next time you pray, or bow your head, you will see the blood on the hands.

Zephyr was barred from the House of Representatives for the rest of the session by 68-32 votes on Wednesday. Zephyr can vote.


After the vote, Matt Regier, Republican House speaker, told reporters that “it was inciting” and that this is not the way to conduct business at the House of the People. Zephyr, Regier said, “didn’t want to operate within rules”.

Zephyr’s suggestion that violence is coming comes only three weeks after media minimized the transgender identity claimed by a young woman accused of murdering three adults and three children in a Nashville School.

As Americans become more opposed to the radical ideology, there is an increase in violence threats from transgender people.

Transgender ideology holds that governments should suppress the civic and legal recognition for the complementary and different differences between men and women. This regressive aim creates new risks for Americans’ mental and physical health, and also for the preservation single-sex activities which help gays, lesbians and men to compete and work together in a chaotic democratic society.

Progressives in the establishment media of the country rush to defend Zephyr’s passive-voiced threat of violence, despite the stakes.

The Washington Post reported April 26.

In the letter Zephyr got from three Republicans, the Speaker Matt Regier and Speaker Pro Tem Rhonda Kudsen, as well as the Majority Leader Sue Vinton, it was stated that the Montana House will decide whether Zephyr violated the House rules, collective rights or dignity, and whether her conduct on Monday “violated decorum, safety, dignity and integrity of the House of Representatives” and if she should be punished for these actions.

The headline of the Associated Press on April 25, “Montana’s transgender legislator silenced: what to know” read.

ABC TV declared on April 26,:

“I spoke out in defense of my local community on that day. I spoke about the harms these bills cause, which I know firsthand. These bills have led to the suicide of friends. I’ve received calls from Montana families, including one whose trans teen attempted to commit suicide while watching an anti-trans bill hearing,” she said in the House.

The New York Times headline for April 26 read: “Montana House Votes on Disciplining Transgender Legislator.”

Ms. Zephyr tweeted: “I was informed that there would be a motion during tomorrow’s session to either expel or censure me.” “I was also told that I would have a chance of speaking.” headlined “What we know about Montana House silence first transgender legislator” on April 26. published Zephyr’s claim on April 25, 2019.

“I believe what we are seeing is that marginalized communities, those who are most impacted by legislation, speak out and expose the harm. Whether it’s me talking about trans issues or young Black men talking about gun violence. “Those in power, especially on the right, don’t want to be accountable for the harm these bills cause.”

“Rep. An article by on April 26 from the Associated Press stated that “Zoey Zephyr’s town feels separated from the rest of Montana.”

Zephyr won 80% of votes in November for her liberal district. This district runs through an oddly aligned part of Missoula called the Slant Streets, and extends to the University of Montana. The 7,000 student school has been the source of Missoula’s liberal spirit for many years.

According to many polls, the public is becoming increasingly hostile to transgender ideologies.

Rasmussen’s poll of 1,041 adult respondents, released on 18 April, showed that 54 percent support a boycott of Bud Light following the brewery’s decision to employ a transgender spokesperson.

According to the survey, 53 percent are men, 57 % are whites, 66 % are Republicans and 57 % of those under 40 years old support a boycott.