Governor Makes Minnesota ‘Refuge’ for Doctors to Provide Genital Mutilation, Chemical Castration

Minnesota Gov. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D), signed Thursday’s executive order making his state a “refugee” for anyone seeking “transgender-specific” drugs and surgeries, and those who are willing to prescribe them.

The order is a complete endorsement of the controversial “gender affirming care” model, which has been at best questioned in Western medicine. Doctors around the world have halted or slowed down its use.

The order states that Minnesota is joining other states and growing numbers of municipalities who have stood in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community. We stand by this community and offer refuge to those who provide health care services that are gender-affirming.

Walz directed all state agencies to “to the maximum extent of their legal authority” protect individuals and entities “providing or assisting in seeking” such treatment.

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He also ordered various departments to issue a joint administrative bulletin to insurance companies about insurance coverage for purportedly “medically required” drugs and procedures.

Walz, with some caveats, prohibits parents or doctors from aiding in investigations that could lead to them being held responsible for providing “gender-affirming” care in dealing with gender dysphoria.

The order states that “no state agency will comply in a subpoena from another state seeking information on a person or child traveling to this state to receive gender affirming healthcare services related to possible child protection matters or criminal prosecutions against a parent, guardian or provider for seeking or obtaining gender affirming benefits”

Unanswered is however whether a “person’s child” would be permitted to travel to Minnesota to obtain the drugs and procedures, without parental consent.

Walz also included a “protection from extradition” clause, which allows him to refuse requests to arrest or surrender anyone who is charged with transgender-related crimes in another state.

Walz lists many professional groups that make up America’s medical establishment and support the “affirmation model” in his justification of such severe protections for “gender-affirmation”.

These organizations include the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

These organizations are strongly in favor of the affirmation model, despite the fact their European counterparts sound the alarm.

Breitbart News reported that the U.K.’s National Health Service warns children who think they are transgender, that they are only going through a phase and should be encouraged by doctors to avoid using preferred pronouns.

British doctors have banned the use of puberty blocking drugs and closed down a transgender clinic because they were “not safe for children” — but the American medical establishment is pushing ahead with support for gender transitions in childhood.

Even social transition, such as changing names or pronouns and wearing clothing associated with opposite sex, was warned by the NHS England report. They are not neutral and can have “significant” effects on “psychological functioning.”