Ilhan Omar to face rematch in 2024 primary

Rep. Ilhan (D-Minn.), who was defeated by Don Samuels in 2022 in Minneapolis City Council elections, will be facing a formidable opponent in 2024. Samuels announced that he would once again attempt to unseat this prominent progressive.

Samuels stated during an interview with a local radio station that “Ilhan hadn’t helped herself.” “She made mistakes, even after her last race. Some people are supporting me because of who I am and what I’ll do. Some are coming to support her because of the things she has done or will do.

Omar defeated Samuels in the 2022 primary by just 2 percentage points, but she went on in the general elections to beat her Republican opponent. Samuels is hoping to close the gap after Omar’s and other left-wing “Squad members” were criticized for their views on the conflict between Israel & Hamas.

“We must remember that Israel’s an ally. Hamas, in reality, is a terrorist group. But we have our number one ally. Justice and peace are our No.

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Wait til AOC meets this Air Force Vet
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Samuels is the newest challenger to face a Squad member. Reps. Cori Bush (D-Mo. Jamaal BOWMAN (D-NY), Summer Lee (DPA) and Cori Bush (D) all face challenges. Some of the challengers cite their opposition to Israel as a reason for running.

Omar defended herself in a Sunday statement to Forward, an independent Jewish magazine. She said, “I have continued to fight for progressive values Minnesotans asked me to advocate.”