Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker ‘Very Concerned’ About Chicago Mayor’s ‘Pause’ on New Migrant Shelters

The border crisis caused by President Joe Biden has set Chicago’s self proclaimed “progressive”, Brandon Johnson, and Illinois’s Democrat Governor at odds. J.B. Pritzker is at odds with Johnson after it was reported the administration will stop opening new border crossing shelters. Pritzker, who has expressed “deep concern,” believes that this policy change.

Block Club Chicago reports that the Democrat Chicago Mayor, who is drowning in debt due to his permissive policy for the flood Biden’s migrants has quietly told the city’s aldermen he will stop looking for places to build additional migrant housing.

Insiders say that Jonson put a halt to the opening of new shelters on December 22 due to “budget restrictions.” He has now switched to a new plan to “rightsize” the shelter system and is focusing more on removing people from shelters than increasing the number available of beds.

Ronnie Reese, the mayoral spokesperson quoted by The Outlet, said that City Hall was now working harder to find ways to send migrants abroad through “outmigration services and resettlement” in order for shelters’ beds be emptied.

For their plan to work, the cops must go

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For their plan to work, the cops must go
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Pritzker was taken aback by the news. Pritzker expressed his “deep concern” about the direction Windy City is heading.

Pritzker said in a press conference on Monday that he hoped the stories about the change of policy by the city were not true.

He told the media that he was “deeply concerned”. We don’t have enough shelter in Chicago.

He continued to say that his office has stopped receiving communications from the city.

The city hasn’t told the state what locations they want us to use to build new housing or to help them build new homes. We can’t assist if the city doesn’t specify these locations. We need to ensure that we don’t end shelter capacity as the city plans to do by the end of the winter.

If you think that this problem will end once the temperatures rise, you’re wrong. He continued, “We will still need to provide shelter for these people.” “I’m deeply worried, and I hope that the plan I read this morning… will not be one they actually implement.”

Officials from the city say that they have “welcomed more than 34,000 new arrivals since August 31 2022.” A sheet of information states that migrants are only allowed to stay in shelters for 60 days, and then they will be turned out.

The new plan appears to indicate that construction of the huge migrant tent cities that Johnson had commissioned has been mothballed. No further permits or permissions will be sought by the state Environmental Protection Agency. In November, the Environmental Protection Agency halted the construction of the tent-city after determining that Johnson did not take enough precautions to remove toxins from the site.