Iowa evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats endorses DeSantis’ presidential bid

Bob Vander Plaats is a prominent evangelical leader from Iowa who has officially endorsed Florida Governor Rick Scott. Ron DeSantis was elected Florida Governor on Tuesday.

“I am thrilled to give my personal support and endorsement behind Gov. “I’m thrilled to throw my personal endorsement and support behind Gov.

Vander Plaats is the CEO and president of The Family Leader. He has been at odds with Donald Trump, and encouraged Republicans to let go of him, while praising DeSantis. He is a long-time GOP powerbroker who has supported the winner of each of the last three Iowa caucuses that did not feature an incumbent Republican President.

Vander Plaats stated that he was a DeSantis supporter from the beginning of the primary because he performed well in the midterm elections 2022, winning Florida with a large margin, while Republicans across the country underperformed. He said DeSantis had “closed the deal” at The Family Leader Thanksgiving Family Forum in Iowa last Thursday.


“He made it clear that we needed a president capable of serving two terms and not just one. Vander Plaats stated that we don’t want a president who will be lame-duck on the first day.

DeSantis expressed his gratitude for Vander Plaats’ endorsement in a tweet. He characterized Vander Plaats’ support as an indication that Iowa evangelicals can “trust me to fight and succeed for them.”

As I have traveled through 98 out of Iowa’s 99 counties Iowans are sharing how important @bobvanderplaats is in engaging Iowa’s religious community in key battles. “His support shows Iowans that they can trust me fight for them and win,” he wrote on social media.

Vander Plaats’ support comes after Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has endorsed DeSantis, as the Florida Governor has focused his campaign strategy on Iowa’s first-inthe-nation Caucuses. He had previously stated that he and Reynolds have discussed the possibility of an endorsement.

Vander Plaats said to Fox that his endorsement combined with Reynolds’ endorsement could propel DeSantis in Iowa and give him momentum for subsequent primaries.

“I believe Gov. Reynolds’ endorsement is an important play for Iowa. “I think if Iowa launches Ron DeSantis it will give New Hampshire, South Carolina, and the rest of the country a fresh look. You’ll have a primary in Iowa,” said Reynolds.

News Nation was the first to break the news about the anticipated endorsement.

Trump’s campaign announced that, on the day Vander Plaats was expected to make his announcement, more than 150 faith-based leaders in Iowa backed the former President.

In a campaign news release, Dan McCoy said, “This announcement is more than just a number. It’s a powerful statement that faith communities have confidence in President Trump to guide our nation with integrity and moral clarity.”

Vander Plaats believes that the Republican primary will be a two-person race between DeSantis, and Trump. He also acknowledged that if the former president wins the Iowa caucuses he would have a good chance of becoming the nominee. He said that he thinks the state was “tailor made” to be won by DeSantis.

He said: “If Trump wins Iowa, it will be very difficult to convince people that you can defeat him, and he is going to be your nominee.” “But I believe America would benefit from having a choice. I truly believe Ron DeSantis to be that guy, and Iowa is tailor-made for this to win.”