Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds calls for special session to enact abortion restrictions

Governor Kim Reynolds is still reeling from her Supreme Court loss. Kim Reynolds has called for a special legislative session to pass new abortion restrictions.

Next week, on Tuesday July 11, the session will start.

Reynolds stated Wednesday that “Iowans elected representatives who are willing to stand up and defend the rights of unborn children and in doing so they have voted in strong support of prolife principles as well as against the destruction of innocent and defenseless lives arbitrarily.”

Iowa legislators banned the majority of abortions in 2018 once a heartbeat was detected. This usually occurs around six weeks after conception.

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Washington’s warning to Christians
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The state Supreme Court refused to reinstate the law after a lower court judge blocked it. Last month, the court’s ruling was divided 3-3.

Progress Iowa responded immediately to Reynolds’ decision on Wednesday.

“Just as you thought that she couldn’t go any lower, Governor Reynolds called for a special meeting to take Iowans’ freedom. “It’s unacceptable and goes against what we value here in Iowa,” said Executive Director Matt Sinovic.

Iowa allows abortions up to the 20th week of a woman’s pregnancy.