Kari Lake assails former AZ GOP boss Jeff DeWit, doesn’t say why she released ‘bribe’ recording

Kari Lake, a U.S. Senate Candidate in Arizona, called the Arizona Republican Party Chair’s effort to keep her out the race last year “disgusting.” She did not address his claim that he quit on Wednesday because he claimed she had threatened to release a damaging recording.

Lake said Jeff DeWit’s replacement could not be worse than him, but she didn’t address the reason why she released her recording 10 months after Jeff DeWit told her that “very powerful people” wanted to keep her out.

Lake stated that since the incident in March 2023, “I’ve mentioned that I was paid by an individual to keep out of politics.” “They cannot have us in the politics. “They can’t let us the people into politics because we are too dangerous for the corrupt system.”

“I’ve been mentioning this topic for the past 11 months. Unfortunately, mainstream media haven’t asked me any questions. “The name was released and they are now all of a suddenly interested in it.”


This event came after DeWit had submitted his lengthy resignation earlier in the day. It was an incredible spectacle that attracted international attention. The Arizona Republican Party is in turmoil ahead of the former president Donald Trump’s Friday visit to Phoenix and Saturday’s state party annual meeting.

DeWit was not available for comment Wednesday. He told NBC News the offer he made to her was meant to protect the GOP’s election prospects.

“It was all about her being a drag in the race.” Some people just want to win the election. “No one believes that she will be able to cross the finish line with independents,” said he.

Arizona GOP Chair Jeff DeWit Resigns After Recording of “Offer” to Kari Lake

Lake trashed the press repeatedly during a livestream of 30 minutes, where she answered questions from her supporters. She also urged her nearly 40,000 viewers who watched to donate money to her campaign.

The Republican Senate candidate took issue with DeWit’s statement, in which he claimed he employed her during the conversation.

“I worked for Superfeed (Technologies)” I’ve mentioned it before. He wasn’t my boss. “He was an employee and a coworker just like me,” said the woman.

DeWit’s online biography lists him as former CEO of the app-based campaign company up until January 2023. This is when he became the head of the GOP in the state.

Lake stated that DeWit’s letter of resignation came “very late.” I did not see any apology made to the people of Arizona. He tried to make it seem like the behaviour you heard in that audio was normal communication between friends. It’s disgusting. He did a terrible job. I think he should’ve just apologized and resigned, saying he would work harder to do better.

Lake has shrugged off questions about who will succeed DeWit.

She said, “I don’t believe there is anyone worse than this individual.”

Tuesday, the Daily Mail in London published a recording that revealed an intraparty split. DeWit can be heard repeatedly encouraging her on the recording to consider an unnamed offer. Lake rejects this offer repeatedly, insisting that she can’t be bought.

DeWit asked Lake: “So, the question I received today from the east was this: Are there any companies or anything that could put her on their payroll to keep her away?

Lake replied: “This is all about defeating Trump, and I think it’s a terrible thing for our nation.”

DeWit asked Lake, “Is there a phone number at which I can be purchased?”

Lake said to DeWit: “This isn’t about money.” “It’s about our nation.”

DeWit suggested Lake “take a break for a few years.” You can continue doing what you are currently doing. He explained that the offer wasn’t about controlling her, but was a result of his concern that she couldn’t “raise enough money to win.”

DeWit also said that he believed Trump’s re-election campaign would fail and it was “time to move on for someone else.”

“I regret saying things, but after hearing Lake’s recordings I realized that I was set-up. DeWit announced his resignation in a long statement that stated: “I believe she orchestrated the entire situation so as to control over the State Party.”

He said, “I received an order from Lake’s staff: Resign today or risk the release of another, more damaging recording.” But he did not provide any proof. “I’m not sure what it contains, but given our many open conversations in the past as friends, I decided to avoid taking the risk.” As Lake asked, I am resigning in hopes that she will keep her promise to stop her attacks.

In a written response, Lake’s campaign refuted his claim.

No one in the Lake campaign manipulated Mr. DeWit. The tape clearly shows that he tried to bribe Kari. She’s an honest person, and she has rebuffed all of his attempts to bribe her.

Lake, who is now the former head of the state GOP, said that she was “on a mission to destroy him” and that her “betrayal”, should be seen as an attack on Donald Trump’s presidency and as raising questions about her reliability as a Senator.

DeWit leaves after taking control of the GOP in 2023.

The incident represents a dramatic break between two of Arizona’s most prominent Trump supporters.

DeWit served as the chief operating officer and chief financial officer for Trump in 2016 and 2020, and also the NASA administration. He became the Arizona GOP’s leader in January 2023.

Lake, who was a TV broadcaster and narrowly lost in the 2022 gubernatorial election, has been an important surrogate to Trump’s campaign. He has appeared in Iowa and New Hampshire and been mentioned as a potential vice-presidential choice.

DeWit said in a statement that, “contrary to allegations of bribery,” my discussions were transparent, and meant to provide perspective, not to coerce. Our relationship was built on friendship and the conversation now under scrutiny was an unguarded, open exchange between friends. I thought I was giving a valuable perspective to a person I considered a close friend.

Lake referred to this recording as “video” despite the fact that only audio had been released.