Liz Cheney Draws Big Crowd in Iowa, Argues Trump’s J6 Trial Must Happen Before The Election: ‘He Knows How Damaging That Will Be’

Liz Cheney, former representative from Wyoming (R), spoke on Wednesday at Drake University in Iowa. She criticized the “delay tactics”, which were used by Donald Trump to delay his federal trial for election interference and January 6th until 2024.

“Every time Donald Trump claims that the select panel, you know… somehow suppressed or hidden evidence or that there is secret or hidden evidence, the people should know that Donald Trump possesses all of this evidence,” Cheney said. He was referring to the recent conspiracy theory that has been making its rounds among the hard right.

“He has all the transcripts of the select committee.” “If you look back to October last year, she explained that the special counsel had produced everything including transcripts that the select Committee had to return to White House and Secret Service,” she added:

Donald Trump has all that information since August 2023. He has also all the evidence that the Special Counsel has, including all the evidence from the Grand Jury. Donald Trump is aware of what his most senior officials, including his vice president and attorney general as well as his acting attorney-general and acting secretary of defence, have said to the grand jury. He knows exactly what they said to the grand juries, and how damaging it will be for him.


You know, he has now pushed the idea that a President should be immune from criminal prosecution, for any act he performs in office. He’s also pressed this appeal to Supreme Court. It’s important to me that the Supreme Court acknowledges that what he is doing is a delay tactic and that the American people cannot accept that a President of the United States could attempt to overturn an electoral result and seize power. Our justice system is incapable to hold a trial and hold him accountable before the next elections. This cannot be true. The Supreme Court.

She concluded with a round of applause. “I trust they will handle this appeal in a responsible, expeditious manner. But I also recognize that any action that delays the American public from viewing that evidence openly is suppressing the evidence. The American people have the right to view that evidence.” The court should recognize this.”

During Cheney’s nearly two-hour appearance she warned that the U.S. could not “survive” another Trump presidency.

Cheney said: “We know that (Trump) has tried to not leave office once, and will have no incentive to ensure a peaceful transition of power and leave office if he is selected again.”

Even though I understand that people can be frustrated by policy differences — and I have certainly had policy disagreements with Biden’s administration — I am confident the country will survive bad policies. We cannot survive a President who will burn down the Constitution.

Cheney, who was once chair of the House Republican Conference spoke at Drake’s Bucksbaum Lecture Series. The event was moderated Lee Ann Colacioppo, executive editor of Denver Post.