Louisiana Democrats seek to grab centrist vote as Republicans eye governor’s seat

Louisiana Democrats are trying to attract centrist voters in order to elect another Democrat governor. Republicans want to win one of the last Democratic governorships within the South.

Seven months away from the 2023 Louisiana governoral election, Republicans & Democrats are starting to rally around their favorite candidates.

According to The Cook Political Report, Shawn Wilson, former state transportation secretary, emerged as the sole major Democratic candidate. This makes his nomination very likely. The Republican nominee for the State Attorney General Jeff Landry is Stephen Waguespack, a lobbyist.

The state was won by Donald Trump, an ex-presidential candidate, almost 20 percent in each of the previous presidential elections. However, Louisiana has a Democratic governor. He is a popular, but limited term-limited, Governor. John Bel Edwards.


Edwards was able to achieve his high rating and position by adopting a centrist platform. He is one of few anti-abortion Democrats.

Democrats hope to keep this centrist strategy going in the next election.

Wilson declared his candidacy March 6, in a video which highlighted his achievements as transportation secretary and emphasized his ability to work well with Republicans.