Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan joins other Republican states to ban TikTok

Maryland’s governor joined South Dakota, South Carolina and South Carolina in banning the app from government devices.

Hogan’s directive did not only include TikTok but also other products and platforms that were Chinese- or Russian-influenced.

Hogan stated in a statement that cyber vulnerabilities are a greater threat to national security and personal safety than those that affect our daily lives. “To further protect our system, we issue this emergency directive to foreign actors and organisations that seeks to weaken or divide us.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R. WI) and other Wisconsin lawmakers sent a letter Tuesday to Governor. Tony Evers (D–WI) called for TikTok to be removed from state devices.


Arkansas state senator Gary Stubblefield (R), joined the cause Monday. He filed a bill to ban this app from state-owned devices.

These directives are in response to Christopher Wray, FBI Director, warning that TikTok poses a threat for national security.