Massachusetts Burning $75 Million A Month On Shelters, May Soon Run Out Of Cash Amid Migrant Crisis

Massachusetts spends $75 million per month on shelters, and will reportedly run out of money next month due to the migrant crisis.

The Boston Herald reports that the Democrat Governor Maura Maura’s administration did not reveal the exact date when the money would run out. However, it is believed to be in mid-April or early April.

We don’t know of any other updates at this point. “We are encouraged by the legislative progress and look forward working with them to finish the supplemental budget in the shortest time possible,” Matt Murphy told the news outlet.

Massachusetts has experienced an influx in the last few months of thousands of migrants, which has put a strain on its shelter system and finances.

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Around 7,500 families live in emergency shelters and another 240 are living on state overflow sites. These numbers do not include the thousands of single migrants and homeless Americans who are housed in shelters.

State legislators are currently working on a new budget plan to increase the state budget by hundreds of millions to help fund the government response to the migration crisis.

Aaron Michlewitz (Democrat), House Ways and Means Chair, told the outlet that he was hopeful of a solution before any funding ran out.

The Healey administration announced on Monday that Massachusetts will require migrants to show they are trying to find work or housing at shelters.

Healey warned that in October, the state was no longer able to guarantee shelter for migrant family due to the overflow of illegal migrants.

Healey stated at the time that “we are entering a brand new phase of this problem — we cannot guarantee the placement of shelters for families sent here.”

Healey declared an emergency in August over the issue of migrants and mobilized 250 members of the state National Guard to assist shelters and hotels housing migrants.

Healey urged Biden to offer federal assistance to Massachusetts in the wake of the crisis and to expedite the approval process for work visas for migrants.

In recent months, other states and cities have also been struggling with the influx of illegal immigrants.

New York City is also experiencing a housing crisis, with over 183,000 migrants arriving in the city since the spring of 2022. Since the summer of 20, more than 37,000 migrants have arrived in Chicago.