More Than 300 Pro-Hamas Morons Arrested at Grand Central

New York City’s latest anti-Israel demonstrations began on Friday night and continued through Saturday. The police estimated the protesters to have reached 7,000 at some point. They first overran Brooklyn Bridge by climbing up the superstructure, hanging Palestinian flags and banners. Some police cars were damaged and there were fights with the law enforcement. The speaker who used a bullhorn to address the crowd made their goal clear. Some of the crowd chanted “long live Hamas” and not “Palestinians in general.” They were cheering on the Hamas terrorist militants who had committed the atrocities in the war against Israel.

After leaving the bridge, the mob moved to Union Square and damaged more police vehicles. They also vandalized Starbucks. The traffic was deliberately shut down as more “Long Live Hamas” chants were heard. The NYPD showed remarkable restraint up until this point. This is especially true when you consider that the event quickly changed from a peaceful protest to a violent riot. The rioters then moved to Grand Central Station, where they shut down the transportation hub. The police were clearly fed up at that point. The police began arresting and dragging away people with the clubs and handcuffs. It’s good that these idiots had previously emptied jails. It was convenient. Over 300 rioters have been arrested, jailed, and summoned to court. Even that does not seem to be enough.

Officials said that Saturday, more than 300 pro Palestinian protesters arrested for forcing the temporary closure Grand Central Terminal at rush hour.

The protest resulted in 335 criminal court summonses, for criminal trespassing and disorderly behavior.

When they took over the station concourse, many of the demonstrators wore black shirts with the words “Jews Say cease-fire Now” when they chanted “No more weapons.” No more war. “We’re fighting to end the war.”

It was a great start to arrest more than 300 vandals, but it was too little, too late. In a city as large as New York, the jail cells are not enough to hold 7,000 people for a significant amount of time. Even if the worst-case scenario was extreme violence that lasted for a long time, it’s unlikely that cops would have so many bullets. No doubt, the rioters knew this and likely counted on it.

But there is something that needs to be accomplished. They are not just “protests”, but rather a way to spread a message. They are actively trying to bring down a major city and bring society to a standstill. They cause damage, assault police officers and destroy vehicles. We shouldn’t really be surprised. How did you expect these people to act when they worshipped a terrorist group that was murderous?

These developments remind us of the BLM Riots that took place during the “summer love” of 2020. These riots were originally called “protests” to support “reforms” of the law enforcement system, but quickly turned violent and involved arson. There haven’t been any reports about mass looting at the pro Hamas rallies. But it’s not too far away.

What is the point of it all? In the United States, demonstrations are traditionally held to influence government policy. The American government cannot stop the conflict in Gaza. The US can have some influence, and they can even stop supplies if the want to betray us. But only Israel can put an end to this war. Bibi Netanyahu does not seem to be concerned with the opinions of an American mob that represents a small but loud fraction of American society.