NAACP issues travel warning in Florida: the state ‘has become hostile to Black Americans’

The NAACP released a formal travel warning for Florida on Sunday, stating that the state had become “hostile” to Black Americans under Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis (R) is the leader of Florida.

The travel advisory states that “on a seemingly quest to silence African American voices, the governor and the State Florida have demonstrated that African Americans aren’t welcome in the State Florida.”

The group said: “Due this sustained, blatant and relentless attack on democracy, civil rights and freedom of expression, the NAACP issues a travel warning to African Americans and other peoples of color about the hostility toward African Americans in Florida.”

The advisory highlights several controversial DeSantis policies, including the legislation he signed Monday that prohibits colleges from spending public money on diversity, equality and inclusion efforts.

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Florida’s governor has also signed the Stop WOKE Act which restricts how schools and workplaces can discuss race in required training and instruction. He also blocked an Advanced Placement African American Studies class from being taught at public schools because it lacked a “educational” value.

Derrick Johnson, NAACP’s President and CEO, said that failing to accurately represent the horrors and injustices that Black Americans faced and still face was a dereliction to duty for all.

Johnson continued, “Under Governor Desantis’ leadership, the state has become hostile towards Black Americans and is in direct conflict with our union’s democratic ideals.”