New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Touts Illegal Immigration as Victory for Corporate Special Interests

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, has praised illegal immigration into the state. She sees it as a win for corporate special interest groups and big businesses who want to flood the market with foreign workers.

Since spring last year, over 70,000 border-crossers and illegal immigrants have arrived in New York. Most of them arrive on buses bound for New York City with no connections.

Hochul, at a recent press conference, seemed to be a proponent of the illegal immigration wave to New York. He argued that it was a positive development for businesses who were looking to ensure a steady flow of foreign workers cheaper to hire to fill working-class positions.

Hochul stated:


It’s not just the individuals that are affected, but our entire economy. This historic labor shortage is affecting us. We have a historic labor shortage and a new influx of people arriving in New York, all legally seeking asylum. They are eager to work. They want to work. They came here to find work and a better future. People are ready to train them. [Emphasis added]

Hochul also listed a number reasons why border crossers or illegal aliens flee their home countries and cross the United States/Mexico border. However, none of these reasons are valid asylum claims.

Hochul noted that the state legislature recently approved $1 billion of taxpayer money for aiding newly arrived border crossers and illegal immigrants.

Hochul suggested that officials in the state are reviewing plans for housing migrants at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Hochul did not mention the impact of illegal immigration on New Yorkers’ housing prices, rents and availability.

Teresa Kenny, who represents Orangetown in the House Judiciary Committee and is located just above Manhattan, explained to lawmakers the housing crisis her community faces due to mass immigration.

Kenny stated that Orangetown, along with the rest of New York State, was in a housing crises — an affordability crisis. “The question is how will these [border-crossers], who lack English skills and family support, integrate into our community?”

I will tell you exactly what will happen. “They will rent from unscrupulous landowners. We know this because in March of last year, a house fire in Rockland killed five undocumented immigrant and two children. Five others were hospitalized.”