Newsmax CEO Condemns Florida Defamation Bill

Newsmax is joining the ranks of conservative media outlets, figures and organizations that have criticized a pair Florida GOP bills aimed at curbing so-called liberal media by loosening the definition of libel.

In a statement sent to The Daily Beast, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said, “Newsmax is strongly opposed to both bills and any law proposed that would make it easier to sue media corporations.” “Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are among our most fundamental constitutional rights, and they must be vigorously protected.”

The bills, House Bill 757, and its Florida Senate counterpart, SB 1780, would lower the threshold in Florida for defamation, allowing officials to sue media outlets and journalists if they believe an anonymous source has said something false.

The bill was passed this morning despite the frantic opposition of Newsmax, Christian Broadcasters, and MAGA Bloggers.