Pennsylvania House Democrats Advance ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, Other Gun Controls

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania House Democrats introduced a “assault weapon” ban, as well as a ban on non-serialized parts of guns, their purchase, possession and sale.

The Democrats have also introduced legislation that “prohibits accelerated trigger activaters, which increase gunfire rate,” as well as a bill “to subject 3D-printed guns to the same regulation as standard firearms,” according to the Associated Press.

The House Judiciary Committee has advanced all four bills.

The gun controls have only a slim chance of surviving Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled Senate if they manage to pass in the evenly split House. The Pennsylvania House is made up of 101 Democrats and 101 Republicans.


The NRA/ILA stated that “until a special election in February is held, the House’s partisan divide will remain at 101-101.” The NRA-ILA noted that “until a special election is held in February, the House partisan divide is deadlocked at 101-101.” In addition, the partisan bills haven’t generated any interest in the Republican-controlled Senate. “There is not one single Republican who has sponsored any of these measures.”