Progressive Dem who defunded Austin Police ripped for requesting police patrols at home: ‘Height of hypocrisy’

The Austin Police Department is being criticized for the request of a home patrol by a progressive congressman who belongs to “The Squad”. The congressman, who was a member of the city council and proudly voted against funding the Austin Police Department last week because it had alleged racist practices, has now The Austin Police Retired Officers Association announced on Tuesday that GregCasar, the anti-police king behind the defunding movement in Austin who called APD a racist agency only last week, has requested increased patrols at his home for the coming week. The post continued, “We want all of Austin to feel secure.” This is the height of hypocrisy on the part of the congressman, we think. Perhaps he should hire private protection like his squad members. It seems he just wants police in his area, not in yours.” Casar made the request through the United States Capitol Police, Washington, D.C., who forwarded it to the Austin Police Department. PROGRESSIVE “SQUAD” MEMBER SHAMED AFTER THE ‘THIRST STRIP’ LASTS JUST 8 HOUR: “WHAT A HERO!” Casar, while serving on the Austin City Council in 2020, was the person who was most vocal about This led to a shortage of police officers and a wave retirements, which critics claim the city is still recovering from. “We did it! Casar wrote on X August 2020: “We did it! Austin residents were quick to criticize the request on social media. Many suggested that it was a case of hypocrisy. Austin personal injury lawyer Adam Loewy wrote on X that @GregCasar thinks APD is a racism institution and needs DOJ oversight, but he also requests more APD Patrols around his home. Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak wrote on X, “Greg Casar’s a fraud.” Dennis Farris is president of the Austin Police Retired Officers Association. He believes Casar deserves extra protection if officers are available and if there is a credible danger, It doesn’t really matter which political party someone is in. Farris continued, “If they ask for our assistance, we’ll give it to them.” The last thing we would want to happen is for them to be hurt. The issue I have and that of most of my colleagues is that, this guy… it’s all about the squad, right? It’s all about ‘We Hate the Cops’. Oh, please come and help us. He is the architect. He is the architect behind the defunding of the Austin police. Casar started the whole mess. Casar’s office said that it “does not comment on active security issues related to the Congressman” and pointed to a U.S. House Sergent at Arms William McFarland’s statement, which stated, “The sergeant at We ask that the public and the law enforcement agencies refrain from commenting on active cases or specific security measures because it exposes possible vulnerabilities. A spokesperson for United States Capitol Police said to Fox News Digital, “we do not discuss any potential security measures available to all members of Congress.” We are committed to ensuring that everyone feels safe and secure in our community while still maintaining confidentiality.