Tennessee House in Chaos After Passing Bill Allowing Teachers to Carry Concealed Guns: ‘Blood on Your Hands’

After passing a controversial law allowing teachers to carry concealed guns, protesters caused chaos in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

According to the New York Times, Tennessee lawmakers approved a bill Tuesday that allows teachers and staff at Tennessee schools to carry concealed firearms.

The bill, if it becomes law, would require that teachers and staff who carry guns undergo the required training and receive the approval of the principal and administrators. The parents would not, however, be informed.

The passage of the bill comes one year after three students, three teachers and one administrator were killed in a shooting that took place at The Covenant School.

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From the House gallery, protesters yelled “Blood On Your Hands” after the bill was passed.

Ken Yager, a Republican state senator from Tennessee, said: “We’re not trying to kill a child. We’re protecting a child against an active shooter who has no other goal than to enter the school and kill students.”

The bill’s opponents, in addition to being criticized by people in the House Gallery, flooded the Tennessee Capitol hallways with signs reading “Kids deserve more!” and “Have you lost your ever-loving minds?”

Justin Jones, a Tennessee state representative (D), posted a video on X showing protesters chanting “Blood On Your Hands” after his Republican colleagues “cut off the debate” and passed this bill.

Jones wrote: “Tennessee Republicans have just stopped the debate and passed legislation arming teachers in our schools.” The public shouted, “Blood is on your hands!” when the Speaker told troopers to clear out the gallery. “This is what fascism appears like.”

Cathy Barnett is a member of the Tennessee Chapter of Moms Demand Action. She released a statement in which she questioned how guns “would be stored” and how children would not “gain access to them.”

Barnett continued, “These are all questions that need to be answered about this type legislation but never get them.”

The bill, which was passed on Tuesday, expands a law that allows law enforcement officers working in schools and private security guards to carry firearms.

Teachers and staff would be required to obtain a permit for a handgun and receive approval from officials, such as school principals and officials from law-enforcement agencies. A confidentiality rule would be established by the law regarding those who have a concealed carry license.

According to Giffords Research, an organization that aims to end gun violence, about half of all states allow teachers and other school staff who hold a concealed-carry permit to carry firearms in school.