Texas AG Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer For ‘False, Deceptive’ Covid Jab Con

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company on Thursday. He claimed that Pfizer used “highly misleading rhetoric” to convince Americans to get their Covid-19 vaccine despite it failing to prevent infection and transmission.

Pfizer launched the vaccine in late 2020, promising that it would be 95 percent effective against Covid-19. This statistic was based on an efficacy evaluation and used to intimidate Americans into getting shots, in order to protect their families and friends.

Texas’ lawsuit, however, claims that the company made unsupported statements about the Covid jab, which violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

“Pfizer created a false impression that their vaccine offered a significantly greater level of protection against COVID-19 than it actually did.” Pfizer engaged in a widespread and continuous campaign of deceptive conduct [sic] to mislead the public regarding the efficacy its vaccine”, the lawsuit states. The lawsuit states that Pfizer’s attempts to censor those who wanted to spread truthful information which would undermine the ongoing deception were a continuation of this deceptive course.

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Paxton found that Pfizer’s data used to conclude that the Covid shot is nearly 100 percent effective was based on a “relative-risk reduction” assessment. The Food and Drug Administration warns that this measurement leaves patients “unduly affected” and susceptible to “suboptimal decision.”

Pfizer continued to market the jab to Americans and to the federal government despite early concerns that the vaccine would not be able to protect against the virus. This advertising, combined with the pandemic-porn that plagued politics and corporate media earned Pfizer a record-breaking amount of revenue.

Despite the fact that Pfizer distributed millions of miracle shots in the United States, Covid cases continued to increase. Paxton noted that in certain areas of the U.S., more deaths were linked to Covid among people who had received the vaccine than those who did not.

Paxton stated that when Americans questioned these statistics, Pfizer responded calling them “criminals”. They also joined the White House to demand that Big Tech companies censor those who were involved in what they considered vaccine “misinformation.”

Paxton stated in a Thursday statement that “we are seeking justice for the citizens of Texas who were forced to take a defective vaccine sold on lies by tyrannical mandates.” “The facts are crystal clear. Pfizer lied about the COVID-19 vaccines. “While the Biden administration weaponized the pandemic in order to force illegal public-health decrees on the general public and enrich pharmaceutical corporations, I will use all the tools I have available to protect our citizens that were misled and hurt by Pfizer’s actions.”

Paxton filed this landmark lawsuit almost eight months after he announced a probe into Pfizer Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, for possibly lying to the public regarding the success of the respective Covid shots, and whether they “engaged” in gain-of function research.

Pfizer is largely immune from liability for potential health issues like myocarditis that its Covid shots could have caused, thanks to the sweeping liability protections granted pharmaceutical companies. Paxton warned, however, at the beginning of his investigation, in May, that “potentially fraudulant activity” by vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer was fair game for a suit because it “falls within the scope of legal immunity.”