Texas AG Sues to Stop Biden Censorship of Conservative Media

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a preliminary injunction motion against the Biden Administration for allegedly censoring American Media Companies with whom it disagrees.

Paxton, The Daily Wire and The Federalist filed a lawsuit in December against the State Department, Secretary Antony Blinken and other government officials. They claimed they conspired with them to censor, remove from the platform and demonetize American news outlets that were shunned or ignored by the federal government.

Paxton stated in a release that he was “proud to lead the battle to save Americans’ constitutional rights from Joe Biden and his tyrannical Federal Government.” “The State Department mission to destroy the First Amendment is totally un-American.” This agency won’t get away with its illegal campaign to silence publications and citizens they disagree with.

The plaintiffs, in a motion filed at the U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Texas Tyler Division say that they “hereby move to enjoin defendants from continuing to test, market and promote, host content on its platform and/or assist or encourage development or use of technologies that target in whole or part Americans’ speech or American press.”


Mark Chenoweth is the president and general attorney of New Civil Liberties Alliance. He also serves as co-counsel. In a press release, he said: “The State Department developed these speech-suppressing technology to combat foreign propagandists overseas. The federal government’s decision to use these weapons – or to put them into the hands of others to use – against American citizens and media outlets in the United States is both frightening and forbidden.

The Texas Attorney General has been involved in litigation with the Biden Administration many times during his tenure.

The Daily Wire said to Newsmax that the Biden administration illegally funds organizations with the stated aim of financially crippling those media outlets who do not follow the government’s ideology.

We sued the Biden Administration before for its unconstitutional mandate on vaccines, and won. We’re suing this time for our rights and those of all news organizations, as well as the constitutional guarantee that every American deserves.