Vulnerable Democrat Jon Tester Attempts to Distance Himself from Biden in Ad

Jon Tester, a vulnerable Democrat Senator from Montana, is trying to distance himself with President Joe Biden’s disastrous border policies. He claims in a recent ad to have worked alongside Republicans to “fight to close the border and target fentanyl trafickers, and to add hundreds of border patrol agents.”

The ad claims that Tester, by working with Republicans to secure border, worked against Biden.

“And he worked to prevent President Biden from allowing migrants to stay in America rather than Mexico.” Tester’s ad states that Jon Tester understands that defending Montana begins with securing its border.

“Jon Tester fought with Republicans to close the border…and he worked to stop President Biden allowing migrants to stay in America.”


Tester (D), has released a new advertisement that distances him from Biden. Tester has set aside $14.5M for advertising #MTSen.

These claims are not entirely true. Tester voted twice against amendments which would have given funds to U.S. Customs and Border Protection in order to conduct narcotic and opiate detection activities. This was in March 2021 and August 2022. U.S. Customs and Border Protection would have received $500 million in August 2022 alone, and $300 million would have been allocated from the coronavirus funds for this purpose.

The ad claims that Tester also worked with Republicans to “hundreds of” border agents. However, in August 2022 Tester voted with Democrats against a vote that would have prevented the hiring of 87,000 IRS until 18,000 Border Patrol agents were hired.

The ad claims, “Finally, Tester fought to prevent President Biden letting migrants remain in Mexico instead of staying in America.” However, Tester voted against Remain in Mexico policies in the past. Tester voted twice against the amendments that put forward this policy.

Recent ads against Tester point out that he once opposed amnesty, but then voted for amnesty of 11 million illegal immigrants. It also notes that Tester voted for Biden to stop building Trump’s Wall. He also “repeatedly voted” to fund sanctuary city, the ad adds.

Tester’s ad is a result of the Democrat facing competition. He is so desperate that he teamed up with Rep. Adam Schiff, D-CA to ask for donations via a joint fundraising email sent in march. According to a J.L. poll, Tim Sheehy is his opponent in the Montana Republican U.S. Senate race. He leads Tester by just three points. Partners.