Wes Moore endorses Alsobrooks for Maryland Senate seat

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, a Democrat, has endorsed Angela Alsobrooks as a candidate for the Senate. Alsobrooks will replace retiring U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D – MD). ).

Moore called Alsobrooks “a fighter” while speaking at a Baltimore rally.

“Angela has a fighting spirit.” Angela is an inspiring leader. Moore stated that Angela was a public servant “in every sense of the word”.

He added, “I think that if you don’t forget why you fight you won’t stop.” “I think that if you don’t forget why you are doing the work, you will never be exhausted by it. To understand why Angela excels at her work, you must know her story. Angela’s work isn’t political. It’s personal.”


Alsobrooks is a Democrat and serves as the county executive of Prince George’s County in Maryland, which is one of its largest Black counties.

Moore’s support could change the race for the Senate. Moore’s backing, as the only Black governor in the country, could help Alsobrooks and Maryland make history next year. She would become the first Black woman senator from Maryland if elected.

Alsobrooks will join newly-appointed California Senator Laphonza Butler, who is the only Black woman senator.

Before Butler, only two Black women had served in the Senate: Carol Moseley Braun from Illinois and Vice President Harris who was elected to be one of California’s senators.

Rep. David Trone is a businessman who represents the Democratic Party. Will Jawando, a Montgomery County Council member (D), dropped out of his Senate campaign on Friday. He endorsed Alsobrooks Monday.