Abortion rights activists believe they have enough signatures to get measure on ballot

The group is awaiting signature verification. They submitted more than double the number of signatures needed to pass the ballot proposal that would enshrine the rights in the Constitution.

Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom reported Monday that they had gathered twice as many signatures as needed to qualify for the November ballot a measure enshrining abortion rights in the Nevada Constitution.

Caroline Mello Roberson said that the group had collected over 200,000 signatures. This is nearly twice the 102,000 signatures required to qualify for the ballot by the 26th of June. The signatures are now being sent to the election officials for verification.

The measure will appear on the ballot in November if there are enough valid signatures on the petition. The measure’s supporters had to collect at least 26,000 signatures from each of four congressional districts.


Mello Roberson stated that if we win the election, with a simple majority voting yes to include abortion rights in our state constitution, it will be put to voters in 2026. Then, the voters will decide whether to vote yes or no. If [in 2026] they vote yes, then it becomes part of the state Constitution.”

Since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, which affirmed that abortions were legal nationwide, and again after the ruling was reversed nearly 50 years later. Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom continues to push for the enshrinement of abortion rights in the Nevada Constitution. This would ensure that they are more secure.

Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom originally proposed a constitution amendment that included additional reproductive rights, such as the right of a vasectomy and infertility treatment, prenatal care, and other birth control methods. Mello Roberson, however, said that the group chose to concentrate their efforts on a version of the constitutional amendment that only seeks to enshrine rights for abortion because “some folks decided to intervene” (with the original proposal measure) and we therefore put forward alternative language that focused solely abortion rights.

Mello Roberson stated that even though abortion was already legalized in Nevada by a 1990 statewide referendum, adding abortion rights to the Nevada Constitution would make it more difficult to repeal the state laws that protect women.

She said, “We’re in a crisis like never before with reproductive freedom in the United States, and here in Nevada.” “States such as ours which have statutory rights aEUR”, which are amazing aEUR”, need to extend those protections through the inclusion of covenant protections into our state constitution.”

Mello Roberson, a Nevadan legislator, said that constitutional protections will help to ensure that “future Nevadans won’t have to worry whether their reproductive rights are protected.”

Mello Roberson claims that Reproductive Freedom for all endorses President Joe Biden, because he is “committed to codifying our federal right of abortion and has a track record that supports reproductive freedom.” She also says, in reference to the Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom Coalition, that it’s important to remember that Nevadans come from all political backgrounds, who support reproductive freedom.

This includes Democrats, Republicans and nonpartisans. She said that it also included men and women of all genders, as well as people from every race and ethnicity. This broad coalition will be built for Nevadans, as it has always been.

Jason Guinasso’s lawyer, who represents the group which challenged the proposal on Monday, did not immediately respond to a question about the future strategies of the opponents.