AG Letitia James to host Drag Story Hour for kids in NYC, sparking outrage

Letitia James, New York’s Attorney General, is hosting a Drag Story Hour for children in Manhattan this weekend. There is outrage at the use of taxpayer funds for the already controversial event.

James will be joined by a number of other elected Democratic state and city leaders to attend Sunday’s West Village event. “Families with Children” are invited to view drag performers reading books for four hours.

Drag Story Hour NYC, a non-profit that has received taxpayer funds has co-sponsored the AG’s March 19 event. This has allowed them to send drag performers to public schools and libraries in order to interact with young children as young 3.

James posted the following Instagram message: “My office is proud host a Drag Story Hour Read-a-thon.” We invite families to the @lgbtcenternyc, where we have @dragstoryhour, drag storiestellers, community leaders and elected officials.

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Twitter reacted quickly to the news, with many claiming that New Yorkers were using their tax dollars to “groom children.”

Letitia James, New York Attorney General, will host a Drag Story Hour for children in Manhattan on Sunday. REUTERS

“Why?? Why???? Why is government funding drag queens for children? To teach tolerance. BS,” Matt Antar (the finance chair of the New York Young Republican Club) tweeted.

Drag is a profession and not a type of person. A profession in which adult men exaggerate female impersonations, often wearing scantily dressed with sexual themes… This isn’t the way.

Ashley St. Clair, a conservative influencer, also tweeted: “The “family friendly” event will be held at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Center. Your tax dollars are busy grooming children!”

Steve Cortes, an ex-spokesman for President Trump, said: “This type of explicit targeting children is just evil.”

The AG’s event is co-sponsored by Drag Story Hour NYC — a nonprofit that has been showered in taxpayers funds.newyorkstagteag/Instagram

“Grownups like to wear drag?” They are more power to them. What is the fascination with asking people to bring their children to your drag show?” Judge Alex Ferrer, a TV personality tweeted.

Tweet by The Libs of TikTok: “Government officials are using our tax dollars to promote and fund the sexualization of children.”

Since 2017, drag queen story hours have been held in public libraries throughout the city. However, the events have drawn violent protests and backlash.

When a clash of protests erupted outside Jackson Heights, Queens’ story hour, cops had to intervene.

The scene was captured on film. Protesters were seen waving a Proud Boys flag at supporters and shouting, “Leave them alone!”

Since 2017, drag queen story hours have been held in public libraries throughout the city. However, the events have drawn violent protests and backlash.

A few weeks ago, protesters with signs reading “stop grooming children for sex” were captured on camera shouting profanities outside a drag story time in Chelsea.

This is because Republican-led states like Arkansas are looking to ban such events entirely.

Arkansas Gov. Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders would like to ban drag shows from taking places on state property. She says it will protect children from “sexually explicit” drag shows.