Arizona refuses US demand to remove containers along border

Arizona refused to remove double-stacked shipping containers that it used to fill the gaps in the U.S.-Mexico wall. It said it would not do so until the U.S. builds a permanent barrier.

In an Oct. 18 letter addressed to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation by the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, it stated that “the containers will stay in place until specific construction details are provided.” It was signed and signed by Allen Clark, the director of the department.

The Bureau of Reclamation’s regional spokeswoman did not immediately respond when we asked for information about Arizona’s refusal to join the latest dispute between the Biden administration, Republican-led border States over immigration policies.

In a letter, the federal agency informed Arizona officials last week that the containers were illegal and in violation of U.S. laws. The bureau demanded no new containers be placed. It stated that it was trying to avoid conflicts with two federal contracts already approved and two others pending to close the border wall gaps at Yuma’s Morelos Dam, Arizona.

We Won our Case!

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We Won our Case!
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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey directed installation of more 100 double-stacked containers. He stated that he could not wait for U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s announcement to award the contracts for the work.

The recently built barriers have been avoided by migrants who continue to circumvent them, including through Cocopah Indian Reservation. 42 double stacks were placed on Arizona’s land by the Cocopah Indian Tribe, which it claimed was against its will.

Republican politicians continue to support border security by promoting the border wall, as does former President Donald Trump.

His first day as President Joe Biden, President Joe Biden stopped wall construction. He left billions of dollars unfinished and still under contract. Biden’s administration made some exceptions for small projects in areas that were unsafe for people to cross. This includes the Yuma gaps.

On Wednesday, the Center for Biological Diversity filed a notice of intent for suit against Ducey’s administration for a different objection to shipping containers. The environmental group claimed that Ducey was planning to erect additional shipping containers at the border. According to the group, the move will block a crucial jaguar and ocelot migration route.

Ducey’s office stated that it couldn’t comment as it hadn’t received an official notice of the center.