Chicago activists urge against Mayor Johnson’s migrant shelter eviction policy

Protesters ask Chicago Mayor Johnson not to implement his plan for 60-day migrant housing evictions.

Chicago is one of the newest cities to be affected by the migrant crisis. Mayor Brandon Johnson has announced that he will enforce a maximum stay of 60 days for immigrants in temporary shelters.

Starting March 16, the windy city will begin eviction procedures.

Johnson will implement the sanctuary city policy of 60 days as the weather warms up. But protesters who gathered at Pritzker park this weekend called for the plan to be reversed.


The Chicago Tribune reported that those at the rally held signs reading “Stop the Evictions”, “Brandon do Better”, and “Refugees Are Welcome Here.”

Miguel Alvelo Rivera of the Latino Union of Chicago, who was present at the protest said: “People will be forced to leave shelters.” The people who are on the streets are not being given any guidance as to how they can support themselves and their families. “They want housing but can’t afford it.”

Mimi Guiracocha was a volunteer nurse who attended the event. She said, “We can’t evict new residents from shelters to only set them up for failure, and a subsequent eviction.” We need more funding, better conditions in shelters and to ensure utilities are covered.

Reina Isabel Garcia Jerez, a Columbian migrant who will be evicted within the month of the new policy due to the “horrible” conditions in the shelter and the limited housing and employment opportunities for immigrants, spoke out about the shelter’s ‘horrible condition’ and the limited housing and employment opportunities.

They want us to be on the streets. What will we do if we are on the streets without a work permit? “How can we find work if we aren’t allowed to work?” she asked. Chicago is one the richest cities of the United States and the world. Why is there not enough food for everyone in such a wealthy place?

Chicago is not the first state that has proposed an eviction program to combat shelter overpopulation.

Johnson’s policy of 60 days is similar to what other sanctuary cities are forced to implement due to an increasing number of undocumented immigrants across the country that overwhelm cities’ overstretched resource.

Denver, Colorado, was flooded with more than 40,000 migrants earlier this year as a result the border crisis. The city has a shelter limit of 14 days for individuals and 42 days for family with children.

Chicago was forced to house migrants at O’Hare International Airport in order to reduce the number of undocumented immigrants.

It’s not about forcing people out. It’s all about finding a place for the people. If the deadline is reached, the people will be able to return into the shelter system. The main goal is, of course to help expedition people move on to a sustainable life,” Mayor Johnson said to the Tribune.