DC mayor warns of ‘slippery slope’ with Congress’s ‘meddling’

D.C. Mayor Muriel bowser (D), stated that she does not want Congress to “interfere” in the affairs of the city after President Biden indicated that he would sign a Republican-led resolution that would overturn a city crime bill.

Bowser stated that he would never claim that Congress wants to interfere in the affairs of the District of Columbia. With limited home rule, we have many issues to solve.

Bowser was against the crime bill and issued a veto which was overridden by city council. However, she and other Democrats were shocked by the president’s decision not to veto the Republican-backed resolution blocking the new crime law. Biden’s decision was seen by supporters of D.C. statehood as a slap on the movement, which he had supported in the past.

Bowser stated Friday that “Unfortunately, it is a difficult situation.” We are taxpaying Americans. We are in the shadows of the Capitol but don’t have any senators. We don’t vote. We’ve worked for decades to change this. We will continue to live with this process until we are a state.


Republicans and moderate Democrats reacted furiously to the crime bill. It would have abolished most mandatory sentences and reduced penalties for violent crimes such as carjackings, robberies and other criminal acts. Most Democrats expected Biden would veto the Republican resolution as GOP lawmakers pressed Biden to remove the bill from the city or let it stand.

House Democrats pointed out that the White House had issued a Statement of Administration Policy in which it stated that it opposed the Republican push for the bill to be blocked and supported D.C. Biden quickly changed his mind and told Senate Democrats that he wouldn’t veto the GOP resolution late last week, prompting anger from many Democrats.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., stated on Twitter that DC has the right to govern itself like any other state. “If the President supports DC statehood he should govern as it.”