Desperate Hawaiians Beg Billionaire Residents Oprah, Bezos, Larry Ellison for Help as Wildfire Devastates Maui

Maui’s billionaires have been asked to assist local Hawaiians as wildfires ravage the island.

Some of the most famous names who own homes in the paradise island include Oprah, Larry Ellison, Clint Eastwood Steven Tyler and Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mack. Residents have openly asked for help since the Tuesday fire that has left hundreds homeless and claimed more than 50 lives.

Lauren Sanchez, fiancee to Jeff Bezos who owns an $78 million property in Maui, released a statement via social media where she described the tragedy as “heartbreaking”. She also thanked people for their help in the recovery effort.

The tragedy unfolding on Maui is heartbreaking. Jeff and I spoke to local officials and residents, and we will donate money. “Thank you to all those helping on the ground with recovery efforts and supporting those in need,” she said.


Sources close to Bezos told the Daily Mail later that the couple was “devastated by the disaster” and planned to increase relief efforts in conjunction with local officials.

They have been talking to local officials and residents since yesterday. The source stated that they will donate to the community.

Oprah has yet to make a public statement about how she intends to help locals affected by the fire. She owns 2,000 acres on Maui, and has lived there part-time since 15 years. Oprah, according to the New York Post, owns three properties in the island. Fires are currently threatening her ranch at Kula.

The Post reported that “this past February, she spent $6.6 million on 870 acres in Kula in central Maui, sandwiched in between the South Maui wildfires and Upcountry fires.” The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that “at least two homes were destroyed in Kula, and about 80 people had to be evacuated from forty homes.”

Mick Fleetwood is the celebrity who appears to have been most affected by this fire. Mick Fleetwood has lived in Lahaina for many years. Fleetwood’s, his local restaurant on Front Street, was completely destroyed.

Fleetwood stated that “this is a moment of great tragedy for Maui and many people are experiencing unimaginable losses.” Fleetwood’s Front Street is no more. While we are devastated, our first priority is to ensure the safety of all our team members and staff.

He said, “On behalf myself and my entire family, I offer my sincere thoughts and prayers to the people of Maui.” “We are committed in supporting the community, and those affected by the disaster for many years and months to come.”

Oracle founder Larry Ellison has yet to make a public statement about the situation. He owns Maui Island and Lanai Island nearby, as well as a Maui home.

Jason Momoa is a native Hawaiian who has shared on social media links about the fundraising effort. Bette Midler is a singer who lives in Hawaii and regularly shares updates on the relief efforts.