Eric Adams warns NYC is ‘out of room’ amid sanctuary struggle: People will soon be ‘sleeping on the streets’

Fox Nation is now streaming ‘The Sanctuary Trap’, a sit down between NYC Mayor Eric Adams, and FOX Anchor Rosanna Scotto.

Mayor Eric Adams said that New York City is running out of space, as the migrant crisis has engulfed not only New York City, but also other major U.S. cities.

The NYC mayor told Fox Nation recently that “our hearts are unlimited, but our financial resources aren’t.” It’s not as if New York doesn’t say we are a city full of immigrants. We are. We have a long history of immigration, but it’s not fair to make the global problem ours. This is unfair for New Yorkers and migrants.”

Eric Adams is in a difficult situation because of New York City’s policies on sanctuary cities. The city is overcrowded and has trouble finding places to accommodate everyone, but he cannot hand repeat offenders to I.C.E.

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For their plan to work, the cops must go
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A “right to shelter rule” enacted in 1980s also requires him to house all.

Adams, who sat down with FOX 5 New York’s Rosanna Scotto to conduct an interview for the Fox Nation Special, “The Sanctuary Trap,” emphasized that NYC’s limited resources have reached their limit.

“We are not saying that we’re running out of space as a soundbite. We literally have no room. “People will eventually be sleeping on the street,” he added.

Scotto, co-anchor of ‘Good Day New York’, asked: “What would you need to do in order for you close the front door?”

Adams responded that he does not have the authority of telling people that they cannot come in. He added that even if migrants commit crimes repeatedly, New York authorities can’t turn them over to I.C.E.

The law says that we can’t notify I.C.E. I can’t break the law while enforcing the law. I can’t deport. I cannot deport. for deportation. “There are certain things that I cannot do.”

Adams said that the courts are currently addressing challenges to the right of shelter rule, adding, “We have stated that this wasn’t intended for migrants and asylum-seekers.”

News reports are buzzing about the crippling effect of the migrant crises on New York City. Resources are being stretched, and some migrants have violent confrontations with NYPD officers. In one case, high school students had to temporarily switch to remote learning in order for migrants to take refuge inside their school.

Scotto also visits the Roosevelt Hotel, located in Midtown Manhattan. This is a rare opportunity to see the hotel that any asylum seeker in New York City would visit.

Last year, the hotel was transformed into a refuge for migrants, where they could get food, vaccinations and meet with caseworkers.

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