Expelled lying Rep. George Santos says he’s running for Congress again after attending Biden’s State of Union speech

He’s back.

George Santos, a former Republican representative who was expelled from the House of Representatives in New York for violating his terms of office, has announced that he will challenge Nick LaLota to take over his seat as a member of New York’s First Congressional District. This district covers eastern Long Island and most Suffolk County.

Santos, who attended President Biden’s State of the Union Address on X, wrote: “I just saw a weak and frail president spin and lie to the American public from inside the chambers.”

I have sacrificed a lot of my personal time to serve the American people. “I will never give up because I love this country.”


The New York Republican who was expelled Dec. 1, and indicted for alleged campaign financing fraud and embezzlement last year, said that he would “shake up things” by “challenging Nick to the battle over #NY1.”

Santos’ expulsion was a result of a damning House Ethics Report. Members voted to remove him by 311-114.

Santos, astonishment, attended Biden’s address to the nation on Thursday night.

The 35-year old Republican, dressed in silver shoes with a studded collar, told reporters in the House hall that Congress had “changed” since his last visit.

He added that he was “just here watching” and “didn’t know if I would come back.”

He said, “I have no doubt that I will run again for office.”

Santos has the same access to the House Floor as all former members that have not been convicted a felony.

When he was ousted he asked, “Why should I stay here?” CNN reports that he said “To hell with this place.”

Santos and Mitt Romney, R-Utah, had a heated discussion at the last SOTU. Mitt said that Santos didn’t belong in the room.

Santos has been spotted this time talking to Reps. Matt Gaetz, (R-Fla.), and Lauren Boebert, (R-Colo.).

Santos has denied a number of federal fraud allegations, including the theft of donor IDs. He also allegedly charged their credit cards with unauthorized charges.

He was the sixth expelled member of Congress, and he was the only one to have been ousted from the Congress without having committed a crime.