George Soros pours millions into Texas in hopes of shifting power to Dems

Fox News Digital’s review of state campaign finance records shows that liberal billionaire George Soros has poured large sums of money into Texas to try and flip the state in favor Democrats.

Soros contributed more than $3 million in the past year to at least five groups of left-wing organizations in Texas to help them build infrastructure and gain ground in this overwhelmingly Republican state.

The financier, alone, is driving one of the progressive groups that are working to achieve those goals.

Fox News Digital reported that in August, Soros’ Democracy PAC 2 had given hundreds of thousands of dollar to Texas Majority PAC.

For their plan to work, the cops must go

This week is National Police Week. And I can’t think of a better way to show support for our Law Enforcement than to ensure pro-cop, pro-law and order candidates like myself win this November. I’m Ronda Kennedy. Take a stand for law and order and against the Left’s Defund agenda!

For their plan to work, the cops must go
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Texas Majority PAC was not publicly launched at that time, and there were no news reports on it. It has now emerged from the shadows.

The Texas Tribune reported that former staffers of Beto O’Rourke’s failed gubernatorial bid operate the group and it raised almost $2.25 millions last year.

The Texas Tribune quoted Katherine Fischer as saying, “We need millions more dollars and hundreds more full-time employees to do this.” Texas Majority PAC collaborates with partners in the state to create conditions that make flipping the State possible.

Fox News Digital has reviewed recently released Texas campaign finance reports and found that Soros is the sole donor. His Democracy PAC II contributed $850,000 to the group, and he personally contributed $1.4 million. The PAC has received $2.25million in contributions from them.

Mayra Flores is a former Republican Congresswoman, the first Mexican-born woman in the House of Representatives. She believes that Soros pours money into the Texas Majority PAC in order to boost Democrat participation in 2024, because he does not want Republican Hispanic Leaders like her to gain the support of other Hispanics.

“They see that Hispanics have shifted towards the Republican Party, because they realize that we’re the party of prosperity. We want to build up a strong economy. We want to secure our border. And we want the people in this country to be prioritized, not people from abroad. Flores said recently that I believed it was our policies which were winning over people, and that the struggle is real.

She added, “George Soros and Democrats see people like me that resonate with Hispanics.” “They resonated with me.” “I resonate with them.” We share similar experiences. I’m bilingual. I’m bilingual. “We share similar stories and we have a bond.”

The majority of Soros’ Texas money has gone to Texas Majority PAC. He has also donated hundreds of thousands to other groups that are working to elect Democrats statewide.

Soros’ campaign finance records indicate that he donated at least 300,000 dollars to CTX Votes in the second half 2023. CTX Votes does not appear to have a presence online.

In December, he donated $250,000 to the Texas Organizing Project. This organization was criticized last month after it bailed out a person accused of killing multiple people in Texas, among them his parents.

In the second half of 2023, he also gave $100,000 to a First Tuesday group, which does not seem to have an internet presence.

Fox News Digital did not receive a response from Michael Vachon, Soros spokesperson and head of his Democracy PACs.