Iowa Passes Special Session Heartbeat Bill Amid Raucous Protests At Capitol

Iowa lawmakers passed on Tuesday a bill that bans most abortions if the heartbeat of an unborn baby can be detected. This usually occurs around six weeks after conception.

The bill passed after Republican Governor Kim Reynolds convened a special session on abortion following the Iowa Supreme Court’s last-month decision to block the Heartbeat Act of 2018. Reynolds announced that she would sign this bill on Friday.

The Iowa Supreme Court asked whether the legislature would pass a similar law to what they passed in 2018. Today, they have an answer. She said that the voices of Iowans, their democratically-elected representatives and justice for unborn children cannot be ignored anymore.

This bill has several exceptions including in cases of incest or rape.

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“As pro-life governor, I am committed to continue policies that support women planning for motherhood and promote fatherhood. I also encourage strong families. Reynolds stated that the state and nation will be stronger as a result.

The bill was passed by the House with a vote of 56-34 and the Senate with a vote of 32-17. The bill was widely supported by Republicans, but opposed by Democrats.

According to the Iowa Capital Dispatch, Republican state senator Amy Sinclair stated that “this bill ensures that all life is protected when a pulse is detected.” The child in the mother’s womb is a unique individual with its own heartbeat and DNA. She is a child, and deserves the same protections that any other baby in state.”

The bill passed amid heated debates in the legislature, and protests at the Capitol.

Liz Bennett, a Democratic Senator, said: “Senator Sinclair don’t piss on my back and say it’s pouring down.” Brad Zaun, the Senate’s presiding senator, then called for decorum.

Video shows pro-abortion demonstrators chanting, screaming and yelling to Iowa legislators.

Another video taken from the Capitol shows a verbal exchange between Michael Shover and a pro-abortion activist who said that the protesters had “no standard of right or wrong.” A trooper intervened when a woman supporting abortion rights held a sign up in Shover’s direction.

The state Supreme Court had previously struck down Heartbeat Bill 2018, saying it could not be implemented because of Roe v. Wade, and that the Legislature would have to pass it again to make it effective.