Kansas senator’s reelection campaign scammed out of $690K

His office reported Monday that someone swindled Senator Jerry Moran out of $690,000. He arranged for an accounting firm in Kansas to wire the money to bogus bank accounts.

Timothy Gottschalk was Moran’s campaign treasurer. He notified the Federal Election Commission electronically Dec. 8. The letter stated that the campaign had notified a local Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 16 and eight days later, the case was forwarded the FBI to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Two fraudulent invoices were claimed to have been sent to the campaign by SRCP Media Inc. in Washington, a company that was hired to manage Moran’s broadcast advertising. The letter stated that the campaign organization wired $345,000 Oct. 25, and $345,000 Nov. 9.

Moran spokesperson Tom Brandt stated in an email Monday that “as soon as the discrepancy was recognized, it was reported at law enforcement.” “We are currently investigating all avenues to recover the money, and we have an ongoing investigation with FBI.”

In an electronic letter sent to the FEC, the campaign stated that $168,184 had been recovered as of December 8. RawStory first reported the letter last week.

Bridget Patton from Kansas City, Missouri, stated that the FBI doesn’t confirm or deny an investigation. Representatives from the KBI or SRCP didn’t immediately respond to telephone or email inquiries seeking comment.

With 60% of the vote against Mark Holland (a former mayor of Kansas City, Kansas), Moran won his third 6-year term in Senate. According to the FEC’s finance report filed on Dec. 8, Moran’s reelection campaign raised over $7.3 million and spent more $5.1 million between Nov. 28 and November 28, according to his financial report.