LA Mayor: Illegal Aliens Aren’t Invited To Our Soon-To-Be Sanctuary City

In a little more than two months, the Los Angeles City Council officially voted to become a “Sanctuary City” in the “Sanctuary State” of California. L.A. mayor Karen Bass (D), in contrast to previous statements, has now said that illegal aliens will not be invited to Angeles.

Bass’s newfound opposition comes months after Texas Governor Greg Abbott spent months bussing illegal immigrants from L.A.

“L.A. Bass said to Fox L.A.’s Marla Tellez that the city had not sent out an invitation inviting people to attend. This is a political action.

Bass initially welcomed the migrants and her Democratic colleagues rallied behind her to show Abbott that he was wrong. Contrary to Abbott’s claim, L.A. welcomes these migrants.

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Bass stated in June that “Los Angeles does not have a hateful or fearful city and we will never be moved or swayed by politicians who play with the lives of people.” “We are a City that strives to treat everyone with dignity and compassion, and we will continue working closely with non profit organizations, including L.A. Welcomes Collective as well as our County, State, and Federal partners.”

Eunisses Hernández, a LA Councilmember, said that Abbott’s actions are the driving force behind her fight for sanctuary status that welcomes everyone.

Hernandez stated that “These dangerous acts from far-right politicians, who are weak-minded and rely on stunts rather than actual leadership, are the exact reason we fight to make L.A. sanctuary city.” “L.A. It was built by immigrant workers and thrives today because of them. “We will continue to be an area that values all human life and treats them with dignity, regardless of where they are from or who they are.”

This sounds like an open-ended invitation.

The LA Council passed an ordinance on June 9 granting Hernandez’s petition. They’re now waiting for paperwork to become an official sanctuary.

Bass should put a stop to that or else she will have to deal with a lot of illegal immigrants. She can also join the GOP to pressure the federally elected Democrats to secure the border. It’s her choice.