Miami Black leaders apologize to Gov. Ron DeSantis after a member called him racist

Florida Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, offered his condolences to black leaders in Miami. Ron DeSantis was called a racist by one of his members.

Pierre Rutledge is the chair of Miami-Dade Black Affairs Advisory Board. He issued a statement for his board, in which he apologized to DeSantis.

Rutledge stated Friday that “we take it to heart whenever someone uses the word racist.” “Words matter. As chair, I have to say that we want to reverse this. It’s okay to say ‘we’re sorry’ but that’s not what anyone intended. That’s not how this board feels.

DeSantis was accused of racism after the board criticised the governor’s refusal to accept an African-American history Advanced Placement course because it contained content about Black Lives Matter (and other queer) issues. DeSantis’s objections to the course were removed Wednesday by the College Board. The Florida Department of Education will reevaluate the course to determine whether it is suitable for schools.

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We Won our Case!
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DeSantis supported the Department of Education’s decision to end the African-American History course. He said that it pushes a political agenda.

“This course about Black history, what is one of the lessons? DeSantis stated queer theory. Queer theory is an important part Black history, but who would argue with that? This is someone pushing an agenda.

As governor, DeSantis took a number of steps to stop critical race theory and other queer theories being taught in public schools. This issue was brought to national attention by DeSantis’ signing of the Parental Rights In Education bill. It banned gender identity lessons in the third grade.

Democrats and black leaders in Florida have committed to protect the course and maintain it in schools. Protesters will gather at Tallahassee’s state capitol on February 16.

The Rev. R.B. R.B. “Black history does not have to be inferior.” Black history is not inferior in educational value.