Migrant Buses Arrive At NJ Train Station, Find ‘Loophole’ In NYC Executive Order

New Jersey officials reported that immigrants exploited “loopholes” in the latest executive order of New York City by first arriving at a New Jersey station and then taking a train to New York City.

Secaucus mayor Michael Gonnelli said in a statement released on Sunday that the Secaucus Police Department and Town officials had “received news” of several migrant busses arriving at Secaucus Junction Train Station on Saturday. Gonnelli stated that the Hudson County Executives’ Office determined that approximately four migrant busses were in New Jersey prior to heading over to New York City.

The Hudson County Executives’ Office informed Secaucus Police Department that several buses transporting migrants on their way to New York had arrived in Secaucus Junction. According to the press release, as of the time of writing this release, we believed it was four (4) buses. The first bus arrived on the morning of 30th December. We understand that after being dropped off at the train station, the migrants took trains to New York City.”

Eric Adams, a Democrat from New York City, issued an executive order recently requiring companies transporting migrants to the city to notify its Emergency Management Office 32 hours in advance. According to a press release, the order requires that buses only arrive in New York City on weekdays from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm at one drop-off location.


Gonnelli said the bus operators are trying to “thwart” the NYC Mayor’s requirements and that they have “figured out a hole.”

Gonnelli stated that it was clear that the bus operators were finding a way around the Executive Order, by dropping the migrants off at the train station of Secaucus before continuing them to their final destination. “Perhaps Mayor Adams’ requirements are too strict and are having unexpected consequences. It seems that the bus operators are finding a way to get around the system so they can ensure the migrants arrive at their final destination in New York City. According to reports from the State Police, this is happening now at train stations across the state.”

Secaucus Mayor added that the city will “work closely” with law enforcement, the Governor’s Office and the nation to monitor migrants headed into NYC.