N.C. House Speaker to Newsmax: Working to Keep Trump on Ballot

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina are working to ensure that the state’s board of elections doesn’t reverse course and end up accepting a petition to keep former President Donald Trump off the state’s primary ballot, state House Speaker Tim Moore told Newsmax Sunday.

“If you look at the ruling they issued, they didn’t outright deny the petition,” the North Carolina Republican said on Newsmax’s “Sunday Report.” “We are looking to make sure that President Trump will be on the state’s ballot. We know he enjoys tremendous support in the state. But more importantly, this effort by those on the far left to try to remove him from the ballot is about the most un-American thing that I can think of.”

The North Carolina’s election board last week decided against a voter’s challenge to keep former President Donald Trump off the March presidential primary ballot. The petitioner, like the challengers in Colorado’s election ballot, claimed that Trump’s alleged role in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol makes him illegible for the ballot, under the 14th Amendment on insurrection.

“The voters should have the right to make that choice whether they vote for him or not, but he should be able to be on the ballot,” said Moore. “Republicans are actually fighting once again for open, fair, free elections, and Democrats are now trying to call the ballot and trying to predetermine the outcome before the first ballots are even counted.”


Meanwhile, North Carolina’s state Democratic Party listed only President Joe Biden as being on the Democrat primary ballot, while omitting other candidates such as U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., and Moore said he thinks “that’s terrible.”

“One of the great things about political parties is making sure that no one individual has so much control that others don’t have an opportunity to come before the voters,” said Moore. “You can compare that with the Republican primary, which has been a very spirited primary.

“It appears most voters in our in our party are supporting President Trump, but the system wasn’t rigged or closed to prevent voters from having that choice … the voters aren’t dumb. They see what’s happening, and they see how Republicans continue to work to expand choice for voters and where Democrats are trying to close this and sort of predetermine the outcome.”

Meanwhile, many of Trump’s opponents have been defending him after the Colorado decision, and Moore noted that it is a hallmark of U.S. justice that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

“They’re reaching a conclusion that President Trump is somehow guilty of this insurrection when no court in the law has, and I would submit ever will, make such a finding,” said Moore. “But one thing that folks can rest assured North Carolina is no Colorado.

“It’s not going to go that way. And if we need to tighten our wall to make sure no one can try any mischief, we’re certainly looking at doing that when we come back into session.”

Moore said he believes the federal courts will strike down the Colorado decision, and that the former president will also remain on North Carolina’s primary ballots.

“I think he, in fact, will win the primary, but that’ll be up to the voters,” said Moore. “Also, the state board has already ruled that that Joe Biden will have no opposition and the Democratic primary. So you know what those Democrats ought to do? They ought to consider switching parties.

“They ought to try to join the party that believes in free, fair, and open elections and have an opportunity to have their vote counted. They still have time to do that.”