New Mexico race is set as Republicans try to force Democrats’ hands in historically safe seat

After both candidates won their primaries without a contest on Tuesday night, the race is now set for New Mexico Senate Seat. Sen. Martin Heinrich will try to hold off Republican Nella Domenici.

According to the Cook Political Report, it’s unlikely that Domenici would pose a serious challenge to Heinrich’s reelection campaign as the seat has been deemed “Solid Democrat”. Republicans hope to use her campaign as a way to make Democrats stretch their resources to the limit in order to maintain their slim upper chamber majority.

Domenici has been a strong Republican candidate because she is able to capitalize on the name recognition of her father who served as Senator until 2009.

Domenici’s personal wealth, her corporate connections and her wealth are also assets that Republicans hope will help her secure large donations for her campaign.

Washington’s warning to Christians

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Washington’s warning to Christians
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Heinrich’s incumbency could be a benefit, particularly after winning his seat by 23 points in 2018.