No Labels Fully Endorses Ohio’s Frank LaRose, Announces Opposition to Trump-Backed Bernie Moreno

No Labels, an organization planning to run a presidential third-party candidate, had a phone call on Monday with Ohio Secretary State and Senate Republican Candidate Frank LaRose.

NBC News received an email from No Labels’ co-executive Director Liz Morrison inviting people to a Zoom conference call with LaRose who is running for the highly contested Ohio Senate Republican Primary.

Morrison stated that LaRose was an independent candidate, while Bernie Moreno is the Trump-endorsed candidate.

Morrison wrote: “The Senate race is now down to two candidates, one of whom, Bernie Moreno (a Trump-favorite candidate, who self-funds) and the other, Frank LaRose, our friend, problem-solver, and current Secretary for State.

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We cannot endorse Frank LaRose more strongly. Morrison stated that the choice was now between a Trump senator or an Independent senator.

LaRose wanted Trump’s support, or that Trump would remain neutral in the Buckeye State GOP primaries. However, Trump endorsed Moreno over LaRose. LaRose decided last week to attack Donald Trump Jr., and Vivek Raamaswamy with a hysterical manner.

LaRose praised No Labels in a guest column published in Ohio newspapers in 2015. “I had been criticized for reaching out to my colleagues from the other side of aisle and working with them. And, I don’t understand that kind of thinking.”

Trump Jr. shared an article from the Daily Caller that discussed how LaRose had supported the No Labels Organization, a group which is planning to run as a third party presidential candidate in the year 2024, and supports gun control and amnesty of illegal aliens.

LaRose took money from Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn.

Breitbart News reported:

Hoffman spent $4,5 million with media firms, including the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, to create ads that attacked former President Donald Trump.

Hoffman, who visited the island of alleged sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, reportedly helped fund former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s (R) presidential campaign.

Hoffman confessed to Epstein that he visited Little Saint James in May 2023. This island is also known as “Pedophile’s Island” and has been dubbed infamously.

Hoffman also backed E. Jean Carroll in her civil lawsuit against Trump.

Hoffman is a major donor to the Democratic Party. He and leftist billionaire George Soros ran the clandestine “Good Information Foundation”, and are accused of meddling in elections.

Andrew Surabian is a Republican strategist who wrote that Frank LaRose “loves” No Labels and that “LaRose supports the No Labels group, which advocates gun control and amnesty to illegal aliens.”

Surabian wrote: “LEAKED EMAIL – Ohio Senate Candidate @FrankLaRose caught raising money TODAY by the Democrat-RINO No Labels group. No Labels is against Trump, amnesty, and gun control. In the email, they refer to Frank as a “problem-solver” and “longtime friendship.”